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5 Facts About New Year’s Eve

With January 31st just around the corner, many of us will be preparing to celebrate the arrival of 2017. Here are some fun facts about new year's to get you in the celebratory spirit! 
  1. Until the year 1753, Britain celebrated the new year on March 25th. “Annunciation Day” was believed to be the date that Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel. 

  2. The first New Year’s Eve celebrations took place over 4000 years ago in ancient Babylon, it was called Akitu, which means barley in Sumerian.

  3. We can also thank the Babylonians for new year’s resolutions. During Akitu they would make promises to the Gods to ensure their favour for the year ahead. 

  4. In Japan, there is a new year’s tradition where the men dress up as mountain daemons, get drunk and terrorize children for being naughty!

  5. Belgian farmers wish their livestock a happy new year to ensure health and happiness for the next 365 days. 
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