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5 Tech Inventions That Could Reshape Our Cities In The Near Future

Tech is a booming sector and its innovations are reshaping pretty much every aspect of our lives. From paying with your phone to accessing your workplace with a microchip implanted in your hand, there’s no running from it. But how could tech alter our cities? 

Here’s our pick of five inventions that might drastically change our landscape in the not-too-distant future

Sideways elevator: 
Engineered by Thyssenkrupp, this elevator of the future might soon become common in workplaces and apartment buildings. The technology used for this lift is the same as the one used for high-speed trains and amusement rides; the cabin is carried by linear motors and not the usual steel rope. This could make elevator rides more fun!

Self-driving cars:
It’s a technology we’re already touching with the tip of our fingers, with Tesla cars being famous for almost driving themselves. Some companies are working towards developing software so that the “smart cars” could be pedestrian and environment-friendly. Could this be the next trend after electric cars? Only time will tell.  

Electricity-generating flooring:
This project is already a reality, with the first tests being held in Japan as you read this. This clever flooring has been installed in stations and other busy zones. The electricity is generated by the kinetic energy, which is a type of energy generated by the simple motion of an object. In this case, just people walking on the flooring… 

Solar roads:
A small town in northern France (Tourouve-au-Perche) has been equipped with what is likely the first solar panel-paved road in the world. The road is about 0,6 miles long and its panels are protected from the weight of cars and trucks by a special silicon film. This solar road will be put to the test for the next two years and might, after that, become our everyday reality.

Vertical Urban Farming:
The idea is to create urban farms where plants would grow vertically instead of, well, horizontally. The crops would be nourished via a hydroponic system and would be easier to harvest. The big positive about this special way of farming is that it’ll cut down on emission and transportations costs by simply creating an urban veggie land! 

Which invention do you prefer? Which one would you like to see in your city tomorrow?
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