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5 Tips to Help You Combat the “January Blues”

Feeling down after the glitz and glamour of Christmas? We've put together some tips to help you to beat the blues. 

Daylight savings

Research suggests that lack of exposure to light in the morning results in low moods and an increased BMI. Try eating breakfast next to a window to get a mood booster in the mornings!

Food for thought
Skipping breakfast in the mornings can contribute to low moods and fatigue. Keep your blood-sugar levels stable with a breakfast that’s high in protein and fibre for extra energy. 

Joy de vivre
Reminding yourself to take pleasure in the little things that you enjoy doing: reading, visiting galleries, watching TV, catching up with friends, can really help you to beat the blues. 

Clear the clutter
Have a post-Christmas clear out to revive your spirits and give you space to refocus. Bonus – if you resell some items online you might be able to earn some extra cash!

Studies show that mediating for just 5 minutes twice a day can have a huge effect on both our moods and productivity. Try downloading the Headspace app to get you started. 
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