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5 Tips to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Sticking to your resolutions seems like an easy task on January 1st, but research shows that many of us will have given up on them all entirely by February! Check out our top tips for maintaining your resolve....

One at a time

Trying to uphold all your resolutions at once is an instant way to run low on willpower. You’re much more likely to achieve your goals if you implement them one at a time. 

Keep your spirits high
Nothing weakens your resolve like feeling low or tired. It seems obvious, but getting enough sleep and doing things you enjoy will help you to stay positive and focussed. 

Creature of habit
Our brains associate visual cues or actions with certain activities. Building new, positive habits into your daily routine will help you to maintain your objective. 

Wiggle room
Research shows that being very hard on ourselves can actually hinder rather than help us. Try to make your resolutions achievable to increase your chances of success. 

Mark the milestone
Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements! Rewarding yourself periodically will help you to maintain your willpower and build your self-confidence. 
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