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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work

Have you ever stumbled into work at 9am with a loss of enthusiasm for the job that you spend 8 hours a day doing? You’re not alone! The good news is, there’s something you can do about it. Here are some helpful tips from our consultants on how to stay motivated at work.

Challenge Yourself 
Use your initiative and ask to be trained in a new area so that you can develop new skills. Lean more about your industry and do as much as you can to get out of your comfort zone.

Take on new Responsibilities 
Talk to your manager or a senior staff member about taking on new or different responsibilities that push you to excel and show your diverse qualities. If you’re really good at something, you may want to start training people.

Take care of your Health
Excercise and eat well, whilst maintaining a good work life balance. Working out releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, which in turn makes you more productive.

Focus on your Goals
Create new short or long term targets with your line manager. Goals and targets give you something to work toward, whilst making you feel like your work is contributing to the overall business strategy.

It’s all about Attitude

Have a positive attitude and spend time with those who share the same enthusiasm, it makes all the difference. Don’t be scared to confide in your team when needed, feeling supported is a great feeling.
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