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60 Seconds with... Emilie Devillet

As our team is expanding and we're welcoming some great people into our company, we're excited for you to meet Emilie Devillet who forms part of our Marketing team.

Here is what we found out in 60 seconds:

My alarm goes off... at 7 am. I am not a morning person, so I try to sleep in as late as possible! 

I’m responsible... for managing the company’s social media accounts, writing blogs and creating visuals. 

I got my job... via LinkedIn. The recruitment process was quick and efficient!

My typical day... starts by getting ready for work. Then, I hop on the bus for a 40 minutes ride. When I get into the office, I start by checking the social channels and responding to comments and messages. I check my emails and proceed to start creating either visuals or fantastic literary pieces called “blogs”. Every day is different so that varies according to the current agenda.

My top 3 hobbies… tap dancing, playing the ukulele and watching movies. I also review cultural events for different websites.

My favourite food...
has to be Belgian delicatessen: frites, carbonnades, waterzooi, etc. However, I’m not fussy and will eat pretty much anything!

My favourite movie genre… I’m a movie buff so I’m open to any genre.  

My favourite travel destination… I like to discover new places, meet new people and, to me, that doesn’t mean going halfway across the globe. 

My most memorable work moment….
It was probably last December when we went a bit crazy with Christmas celebrations! There was prosecco, chocolate and Christmas cheer for a solid two weeks. Such fun!

The best part of my job... is having the opportunity to be creative and gaining new skills as I go.

After work... if I’m not busy (go check the list of my hobbies), I’ll meet friends for dinner. Or I’ll just go home and spend an evening relaxing. 
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