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60 Seconds with... Flamie O'Dwyer

We'd like you to meet Flamie, one of our great colleagues and part of our Operations department. We interviewed her for 60 seconds and this is what we found out:

My alarm goes off... At 6am! But I regularly wake up moments before my alarm clock rings, no matter what time I set it for.

I’m responsible for… General office administrative and clerical duties.  

I got my job… Through a contact of my husband. 

My typical day… My weekday’s morning routine consists of: getting up at 6am SHARP, do my morning exercises, mainly sit ups, squats and stretching, followed by meditation for a few minutes. I then prepare my things for work, like my handbag, clothes and shoes. I have a quick breakfast and then work....

My top 3 hobbies...
Playing online games

My favourite food... I don’t have favourite food but I love cooking beef stew, spaghetti/pasta, and any type of curry and Filipino dishes. 

My favourite movie genre… I like all kinds of movies that are interesting to watch, except romantic movies and bad drama movies. I prefer comedy, action or supernatural movies –they really amaze me :)

My favourite travel destination… Philippines (my beloved country) but it's my dream to travel to the US and all over Europe.

The best part of my job... Getting out into the public, meeting new people and making new friends. Also, supporting my colleagues to the best of my ability. 

After work... 
Home, cook dinner, watch TV and basically chill out :-)
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