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60 Seconds with... Graeme Cross

Our team at Cavendish is made up of many exciting, fun and diverse individuals, which is why we like to take the time out to learn more about them. 

We’d like you to meet Graeme, who sat down with us for 60 seconds to answer a few questions. He forms part of our Marketing team here at Cavendish. Here’s what we found out:

My alarm goes off... at 6.30am. I’m usually awake before my alarm goes off. (I’m one of those annoying morning people!).

I’m responsible for... all things marketing! This includes managing the company’s social media presence, content creation, creating visuals, advertising, digital marketing, production of marketing materials and liaising with external agencies, to name just a few. I also have the fun job of organising all social events for the company!

I got my job... through LinkedIn. 

My typical day... starts off with coffee! When I get into the office, I plan my day and organise my tasks by priority. I catch up on my emails and then check the social media platforms and respond to any comments/messages. No two days tend to be the same, so the rest of my day is spent completing tasks on my long to-do list.

My top 3 hobbies… Socialising with friends, cooking/baking and travelling. 

My favourite food... is either Italian or Mexican.

My favourite movie genre… is Horror. Although, I’m also partial to the occasional RomCom (Don’t judge me!).

My favourite travel destination… is either Dubai or New York. I’ve travelled to both several times, and I still never tire of them.

My most memorable work moment…. was the Summer party last year. We had it on a rooftop bar overlooking St. Paul’s. It was a fun evening! 

The best part of my job... is getting to work with such a great team! Everyone gets on really well, and I’ve made some fantastic friends. 

After work... I tend to either go home and unwind after a long day or else meet up with friends for dinner and drinks. It all depends how busy I am that day!
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