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60 Seconds With... James Matthews

We'd like you to meet James Matthews who has recently joined our Cavendish Professionals team as a Recruitment Consultant in the Technical department. We sat with him for 60 seconds and this is what we found out:

My alarm goes off… at 7:05 am... and then sometimes again at 7:10 am.

I’m responsible for… Recruitment and Business Development of the Temporary T&L desk. I go finding clients that want labour or skilled tradesmen/operators and it is my job to get the right candidates on-site.

I got my job… Being headhunted and selling myself well in the interviews.

My typical day… Check the starts for the day, having a quick daily meeting with the team, going through leads I have pulled together and catch up with the clientele etc.

My top 3 hobbies… Playing rugby, skiing when possible and reading psychology/statistical books.

My favourite food... Fajitas!

My favourite movie genre… Crime film/Thriller (Leon: The Professional is THE film I could watch every day).

My favourite travel destination… I first went skiing in Austria, Zell am See and it is just one of the most beautiful sights when you are up in the mountains. I have always wanted to go to Japan though.

My most memorable work moment… Getting my first client in and candidates out on-site for them! Up to eight out on-site on a long-term project with the client.

The best part of my job… The job (as cheesy as that may be). I really enjoy meeting and talking to people and the success that comes with it.

After work… I pray the trains are running OK to get me home! Get changed, chill with the housemates over TV shows/sporting events and some dinner. I like to wind down later in the evening before bed with a book or Netflix. Maybe have plans to see friends when the planets align.
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