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60 Seconds with... Maricris Unida

As the Cavendish team grows and expands, we would like to introduce you to one of our most helpful colleagues, Maricris Unida. We sat down with her for 60 seconds and this is what we found out:

My alarm goes off… at 5:30- 5:45. I’m quite flexible with time but I’m more of a morning person.

I’m responsible for… supporting the recruitment team with their administrative needs. 

I got my job… through an internship. I started as an intern, then was offered to stay as an employee. 

My typical day… starts by getting up early for work. I have a lovely cup of coffee, then get on the bus and tube. My travel time is approximately an hour. As soon as I get to the office, I start by checking my email. 

My top 3 hobbies… Cooking, going to the cinema and visiting my friends. 

My favourite food... I love Filipino, Thai and Korean dishes.

My favourite movie genre… would be action, period drama and comedy. I like almost all movie genres except horror.

My favourite travel destination... France because of their croissants, street artists and architecture. And, of course, the Philippines because there’s no place like home.

My most memorable work moment… The team breakfast last December. We had good food in a nice place, we were all together and relaxed.

The best part of my job… is working with wonderful people.

After work… I head home and cook a nice meal for my husband and myself. We then watch something online (movie or tv series) and try to relax before bed. 

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