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60 Seconds with... Mark Liston!

We'd like you to meet Mark Liston, a great colleague of ours who manages our UK Healthcare Permanent desk. 

We decided to interview Mark for 60 seconds to find out more about him. Here is what we got to know:

My alarm goes off… Most mornings at 7:00am, but sometimes at 5:30am for morning cardio sessions. 
I’m Responsible for… Managing all aspects of the UK Permanent Healthcare Desk, whilst contributing with the odd Middle East healthcare placement. 

I got my job… Through my connections to the Directors. Whilst completing my degree in Marketing in Leeds 6 years ago, Patrick and Laura offered me the opportunity to come and join the family business and I have been here since. 

My typical day… Arrive at work at 8am, have breakfast, and then crack on with the morning. The mornings are predominately for internal meetings, speaking with new candidates, catching up with existing clients, and ideally arranging interviews and confirming placements. The afternoon, I try to focus more specifically on dedicated searches for key roles. Generally I have calls booked for certain times in the day and these vary in length. Finally before I leave, I review what has been achieved that day and I plan for the next day. 

My top 3 hobbies… Playing football, golf and partying!

My favourite food... Steak, pizza and pasta, in that order. 

My favourite movie genre… Has to be comedy.

My favourite travel destination… Has to be New York. Only been once, but going again this March. 

My most memorable work moment… Knocking a large can of paint over at work and spending the whole day scrubbing the carpet…but serious answer, would have to be my first UK placement back in 2010! 

The best part of my job… Every day is different and unpredictable which is great, but it is genuinely the feeling of helping people find their dream job!

After work… Most days I play football after work or go for a few drinks with friends. 

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