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60 Seconds with... Patricia Andrade

We'd like you to meet Patricia, a great colleague of ours forming part of the Healthcare UK team. We sat down with her for 60 seconds and here is what we found out:

My alarm goes off… At 6:20am, I don’t even think about snoozing it as I will be likely to fall asleep and wake up at 11am or 12pm, then I will be in trouble!

I am responsible for… Assisting and meeting the recruitment needs of our clients based in the UK, sourcing healthcare personnel, maintaining and building relationships with candidates and existing clients and recently, generating interest with new potential clients. 

I got my job…
Applying on LinkedIn, and promptly received a call which lasted for a good half an hour, and here I am!

My typical day…
Starting the morning with a good breakfast and then check and reply to my email correspondence, after that I start to crack on with phone calls with new candidates, updating existing candidates, catching up with clients. Then sourcing candidates for the roles that we have available and we want to be focused on during the week, head-hunting candidates for more complex roles, before I leave, I ensure that my plan for the day has been completed and then start to prepare the one for the following day. 

Top 3 hobbies… Snowboarding, partying and Karaoke, in that particular order!

My favourite food… Has got to be Greek! Although I miss very badly some Spanish treats. 

Favourite movie genre…
Horror and Crime.

Favourite travel destination… Peru, I’ve never had the chance to go, but will endeavour to make it this year. 

Most memorable work moment… I have quite a few memorable work moments here, but my favourite one was my very first placement.

Best part of my job…
Working with great people, enjoying the challenge of being a recruiter. 

After work…
You will always find me either with my sister, with a friend or chilling on the sofa.
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