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60 Seconds with... Selase Klu

Our team at Cavendish is made up of many exciting, fun and diverse individuals, which is why we like to take the time out to learn more about them.

We'd like you to meet Selase, who sat down with us for 60 seconds to answer a few questions. He's part of the UK Healthcare team and one our great colleagues. Here is what we found out:

My alarm goes off… At 6.00am but I hit snooze 5 times until 6.18am. 

I’m responsible for…
Assisting with the Perm UK Healthcare team and also business development. 

I got my job…
 Through being great at interviews - O.K. that’s a lie. I was referred to the directors through an old friend from University. 

My typical day…
 Consists of speaking with candidates and clients on a regular basis, to make sure we are providing the service we promise and sourcing suitable candidates to submit. 

My top 3 hobbies…
Top three hobbies would have to be football, basketball and music, I love music. 

My favourite food...
 Chicken, no doubt about it!!

My favourite movie genre…
Tough one but I love a good crime movie!! 

My favourite travel destination…
 Hands down has to be Singapore, the most perfectly organised country I have seen. But, to retire and chill I have to say Trinidad and Tobago - no one there has a care in the world.

My most memorable work moment…
 I know I should say when my candidate first started but I think it has to be moonwalking across the office after a 6 month placement.

The best part of my job…
 Genuinely that feeling you get when you realise you have managed to get someone their dream job – what a feeling!

After work…
Monday - basketball, Tuesday - gym, Wednesday football, Thursday - gym, Friday - I chill, go to the cinema or have some drinks. Weekends, I sometimes head to the library or chill and watch Arsenal.
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