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60 Seconds With... Shaunagh Quick

As our team is expanding and we're welcoming some great people into our company, we're excited for you to meet Shaunagh Quick who forms part of our Recruitment Coordinators team.

My alarm goes off… At 6:50. However, I need 3 alarms to actually get me out of bed.

I’m responsible for… Managing the full process of mobilising healthcare professionals to the Middle East. 

I got my job… Through LinkedIn. 

My typical day… Starts with me rolling out of bed to get changed and out the door within half an hour. When I get into the office I make myself a nice cup of tea and a bowl of porridge. When I have finished my breakfast, I am ready to run through my emails. I always have to prioritise the day ahead of me.  

My top 3 hobbies… I enjoy visiting National Trust properties at the weekend with my other half, going out exploring different places to eat lots of yummy food. On a Sunday, I tend to visit the cinema to beat the Sunday blues!

My favourite food... Well, what can I say, I’ll pretty much eat anything! However, if I had to pick I would say Italian food. 

My favourite movie genre… Would most likely be Psychological Thrillers! 

My favourite travel destination… This is a difficult one! I think the Caribbean was great for a hot holiday, however Disney Land was certainly something eye opening!

My most memorable work moment… This is a hard one! It was when the consultants and coordinators had a successful road show, Laura and Patrick very kindly took us all to a lovely restaurant for food and drinks. This was the first time I tried lobster. Everyone had a fantastic time. 

The best part of my job…
Is being able to manage my day how I like to.  Ensuring that all tasks are done, and being able to help the candidates with anything they require! Not to mention being able to work with such lovely colleagues. 

After work… I get home for roughly 7pm and ensure my house is nice and clean (as fun as it sounds). Then I cook dinner and wait for my partner to arrive home. Later on we get into bed and watch a good film together and go to sleep for around 10:30pm (I can be very grumpy the next morning if I do not get enough sleep!)
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