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60 Seconds with... Tatjana Vassiljeva

As our team is expanding and we're welcoming some great people into our company, we're excited for you to meet Tatjana Vassiljeva who forms part of our Recruitment Coordinators team. 

Here is what we found out in 60 seconds:

My alarm goes off... at 6/6.30am, however, often I am awake before that because I am incapable of sleeping in..

I’m responsible...
 for helping consultants mobilising healthcare professionals abroad and supporting the candidates throughout the whole process.

I got my job... via LinkedIn.

My typical day... starts with me getting ready for work and eating breakfast whilst watching an episode of one of the TV series I love, which is followed by getting on my favourite hot and sweaty central line and then cooling down in the office whilst going through all new emails.

My top 3 hobbies… I love cooking, socialising with friends, watching movies and trashy TV shows and just to add something that sounds more like a hobby – swimming 😊.
My favourite food... is sushi, absolutely love it! Also, big fan of cheese! 😝 

My favourite movie genre… Comedy and Horror - movie either needs to make me laugh or get my Adrenalin pumping 😃. 

My favourite travel destination… Hmm... from the places I visited my favourite ones have to be Bali and Amsterdam (would love to move to Amsterdam one day 😊).

My most memorable work moment… was probably my first day at Cavendish as I got to meet many lovely people and made some great friends after hanging out for few hours only. To make it sound more cheesy – that day made it feel like it was meant to be 😃. 

The best part of my job... is receiving lovely emails and phone calls from the candidates I have worked with.
After work... I get on my favourite central line again and head home to prep dinner and lunch for the next day. If I get a chance (or feel like it) I will pop to the gym or will go for a nice long walk with my other half, if not, then we watch a movie or series that we “both” agree we like 😃.

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