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60 Seconds With...Hadija Nakawungu

Our Cavendish Team is growing rapidly, and we're welcoming great new colleagues. This week we'd like you to meet Hadija Nakawungu who forms part of the Recruitment Coordinators team at Cavendish. This is what we found out in 60 seconds:

My alarm goes off… At 7am however, sometimes I set two depending on how I feel.

I’m responsible for… The mobilisation of the candidate once they have been sourced by the consultant.

I got my job… Through a recommendation from someone I know.

My typical day… I will come in extremely hungry as I literally live and breathe food, turn my computer on, make a cup of tea and go through my inbox. From there I will work through priorities for the day/week. 

My top 3 hobbies… I would have to say the gym, eating out at nice places and reading inspirational books.  

My favourite food... I really love Thai Food and Indian Food. However, I’m from Uganda and our food is the best lol!

My favourite movie genre… I’m not really a movie lover, I much prefer a good documentary. 

My favourite travel destination… I love going back home to Uganda as I get to see all my family. 

My most memorable work moment… The Summer work party was great because it gave me an opportunity to get to know everyone and at that point I was still very new. 

The best part of my job… Getting candidates over the line and hearing how happy they are that you’ve been able to provide them of this opportunity… It’s definitely a rewarding job and hard not to get attached. 

After work…I head to the gym on most days but on other days I like to take it easy… 
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