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60 Seconds With...Shak Muhammad

We would like to welcome our newest member of the Cavendish Professionals team, Shak Muhammad. Shak joins us as an Associate Consultant within the Technology division. In the usual Cavendish Professionals style, we sat down with Shak for his quick fire 60 seconds questions. Get to know him and have a read below.

My alarm goes off… 6, 6.15 and 6.30am. One of these alarms usually get me up.

I’m responsible for…Finding candidates across the UK and Europe who have expertise in specific investment management systems.

I got my job…Through recommendation from a friend who currently works at Cavendish.

My typical day… Eat, work, sleep and repeat.

My top 3 hobbies… Football, swimming and travelling.

My favourite food...Nando’s.

My favourite movie genre… Action.

My favourite travel destination… Must be Jamaica.

The best part of my job…Is working with a really great team.

After work I…like to meet up with friends whenever possible.

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