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Achieve Success in Your Career

In life, whether in our work or personal circumstances, we like to do well. However, sometimes we focus on other people getting us to that point of success, rather than taking it for ourselves. Everyone has that voice of positivity…encouraging us to take the next step, or do those last 5 burpees, but just as loud, we have the voice of negativity telling us it’s impossible, too much work, you don’t have the know-how or time. Unfortunately, we sometimes listen to the latter voice. Why? Because it allows us to take the easy route, the route of inaction.

The route to success doesn’t need to be like planning a trip to the moon, break the goal down into manageable smaller targets. Here are some easy to implement techniques that will silence that negative voice into a constant state of slumber.
Ask yourself - What are your goals?

Set out what your goals are and what success looks like to you.  Success doesn’t mean the same to everybody, it’s about what you want to achieve not what someone else sees for you. What level do you want to reach?

Know your strengths – and channel them towards helping you succeed 

This area for some can be the hardest. What do you think you are good at? What talent or skill sets you apart? Ask 5 friends, 5 family members, 5 work colleagues to note down what they think your strengths are. Some areas might overlap, and what would be interesting is for you to see how you act differently in different situations. You may realise that at work you are very assertive, however with your friends you are much more passive. It may highlight characteristics that you didn’t realise you were exhibiting (or not) and use those behaviour traits towards working to your career goal. 

Raise your standards – are you developing

It is great to know your strengths but at the same time, you need to be honest yourself. Where you struggle, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Attend training courses, or perhaps ask to have a mentor. You can only become a better version of yourself if you continue to develop. Push yourself and step out of your comfort zone. 

Take responsibility – and learn from any mistakes

The best of us make mistakes, but the real measurement is, are you learning from them When something does go wrong; analyse what went wrong and ask yourself how it could have been avoided? What is the next step and who do I need to inform? Focus on how you can fix it and act.

Take the initiative, anticipate needs

Related to the above comment. Sometimes things will go wrong, but sometimes consider having a possible Plan B to mind if Plan A goes wrong. Having a contingency plan in place shows you are taking responsibility and using your initiative.  The fact that you took the time to plan ahead, ensures you will be the calm in the storm. You are showing you care, and that alone counts for extra bonus points.


Networking is all about opportunities and connections. Speak to colleagues you may not necessarily always encounter, look for ways to build a rapport, you never know when you might require their skill set and knowledge. This, however, works both ways, be happy to impart your knowledge when and where needed, you never know when your services may be called upon. You are your own ambassador!! 

Don’t wait for praise, be your own cheerleader

This ties back to your own goals and what you see as success. If you are always waiting for someone else to praise your efforts, you might be waiting forever, so don’t let it diminish what you’ve achieved.  You know when you have done something good and it might not be something which is outwardly noticeable.  Remember your development plan is personal to you, only you know what your success looks like… It could be that you set a target to speak to someone new, only you know if you achieved that therefore only you can congratulate yourself.  If you wait for another person’s barometer to go off when you have done something great, you could be waiting a long time. You know what you have achieved and be proud of that.  

Building a successful career whether it is within an organisation or starting out on your own will take time, effort, and patience. Always have that final GOAL in mind and any sacrifices, moments of hardship, will mean so much more when you achieve that level of success you have set for yourself.  Go on and succeed!!! 

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