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Entrepreneur’s Day - The Cavendish Story

Patrick and Laura Liston are not only business partners, they're also brother and sister. This gives Cavendish Professionals a unique edge as one of the few family run recruitment firms in London. 

Continue reading to find out more about their genuinely caring approach to business.

What prompted you to start Cavendish Professionals?

Laura and I grew up in the recruitment business with our family having owned and led a market leading UK healthcare agency for over 30 years. Recruitment is in our DNA and so starting CP was always an easy decision. The attention to detail and levels of service required to operate in an industry where compliance is of the utmost importance, while balancing commercial priorities with the inherent moral and ethical codes of the care industry, was a great market in which ‘to cut our teeth.’ 

What are the advantages of international Healthcare/Technical recruitment?

Working as specialists within healthcare recruitment is very important to our organisation. Our background has its root within the provision of excellent healthcare professionals to clients throughout the UK. We take great pride in being able to assist our clients in attracting highly skilled professionals to join their organisation. Similarly, we have an innate understanding of the motivations and driving factors of the candidates we assist and believe this sets us apart in our approach. As our client base has developed internationally we have witnessed the increasing mobilisation of a global healthcare workforce. This has meant the talent pool is becoming increasingly sought after. Our approach remains personal and consultative at all times, ensuring any new career opportunity or international move we assist with is professional, personally rewarding and progressive for our candidates. 

We feel very proud to have assisted candidates with some significant moves; whether that be California to Doha, Spain to Abu Dhabi and London to Copenhagen to mention a few. 

The technical field is as diverse as it is broad. It permits us to work on the most famous, influential and largest scale projects both in the UK and on a global scale. This is exciting and motivating for our team, whose main focus is not on submitting as many people as possible, but on the quality and candidate satisfaction of each placement. We believe in the ‘perfect fit’ and helping to change our candidates’ lives by dynamic new opportunities which can involve international moves. We will only sell opportunities that we ourselves believe in, and would consider as rewarding and progressive career moves. We are changing lives for the better on a daily basis which is a very satisfying and gratifying positon to be in. We ensure our team feel the same about their professional lives.

Where do you think the recruitment industry is headed over the next few years?

In the UK, the economy bounce back continues apace and we look to participate fully in our current and new industries. In the UK’s saturated recruitment space, the importance of the best levels of service and strong working relationships with your clients has never been more marked. Clients have money to spend, and increasing needs but this also means they can be discerning about which groups they use. It is the responsibility of recruitment partners to work hard to vindicate their client’s trust and investment. At Cavendish Professionals, the duty to fulfil these needs on a daily basis is at the centre of our ethos.

In the international marketplace, the changing geopolitical landscape is never far from our focus. We work with industry partners, not just to recruit new hires, but in a consultative way in providing research and market insights to help shape their organisations and indeed the way we work with them. The world is getting smaller and smaller because of how communication improves and the global workforce becomes more and more mobile. With the clients for whom Cavendish Professionals work, needs are high and their pipelines are robust though it is integral for all parties to remain adaptable to the changing needs of each economy. It is on this approach that our company relies. 

What advice would you give to other people thinking of starting their own business?

Be ready for a long hard slog!

As well as requiring your start-up capital and some luck along the way, the most important ingredient is hard work. You need to surround yourself with the right people, seek the best advice available and be prepared to work morning, noon and night to get your project off the ground, then work even harder to achieve your goals.

Setting the tone and leading by example in terms of your business ethics and commitment to your beliefs is central to not necessarily being ultimately successful, but definitely to creating the type of company that you yourself should hope to work for. It is a privilege to see something you’ve created take shape and evolve but recognising that you will have to make great sacrifices along the way should be taken on board from the very beginning. Good Luck!

What are the advantages/disadvantages of being an entrepreneur?

We don’t think it’s quite as simple as positive and negative. Ultimately it is a positive to be able to create a project from the ground up, see something develop on a daily and indeed annual basis, help people fund their ambitions be that cars, properties, education,…. and progress professionally. To be able to shape people’s career trajectory while at the same time learning so much from them each day is a source of great pleasure to us. 

The typical negatives would be working hard, bearing ultimate responsibility for the success of the business ensuring bills are paid and staff are satisfied. Whether these are in fact NEGATIVE is a subjective view. For the Cavendish Professionals leadership team, needless to say, the positives outweigh the negatives and we in fact come to relish each element of the process each day.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, though it is a quality we look for in all our internal hires. Those who wish to grow in all aspects of their life are those who we most hope to nurture and help progress.
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