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How to Keep Your Job Search On-Track Over the Festive Break

The Christmas break can be a great opportunity to really kick your job search into high gear. Here are our top tips for getting a head start during the holiday slow down. 

Maintain your connections
Sending an introductory message to recruiters, hiring managers and companies in your sector just before the Christmas break can really help you to get your foot in the door when they return to work in January. 

Don’t neglect your existing connections either! If you already have a relationship with a recruiter from a previous job search, be sure to email them and let them know that you are still seeking opportunities. 

Schedule your days

During the Christmas period, it can be all too easy to get distracted by social events, mince pies and watching Home Alone on TV. Before you know it, January will be well underway and you won’t have sent a single email or job application off in weeks. 

Keep up the momentum by giving yourself “working hours” during the day. You’ll feel much better about eating that mince pie after a dedicated period of job searching!

Attend networking events
Keep an eye out for any Christmas or New Year networking events in your industry and attend as many of them as you can. Don’t forget to feature the event on your social media pages as well. This shows that you’re engaged in managing your personal brand and are social media savvy. 

Fine-tune your CV
If you are already employed but want to start seeking opportunities in the new year, the holidays are a great time to write a “master” copy of your CV. 

This copy of your resume should be a comprehensive overview of all your skills and accomplishments as well as previous roles and is a good way to remind yourself of all that you have achieved so far (and all that you have yet to achieve). From it, you will be able to tailor new CVs which will be specific to the roles you are applying for. Make sure that it’s clear, concise, and that the layout is easy to read! 

Cover all your bases
It’s no use spending lots of time crafting an excellent CV, only to be let down by your covering letter! Think of it as being like the blurb on the back of a book. It needs to give the reader just enough information to make them interested in viewing your CV, without being overly lengthy or repetitive. If in doubt, try asking a colleague you trust, or a friend, to proof read your covering letter and CV before you send them out for the first time

Follow up
If you haven’t had any feedback from the companies or recruiters you contacted over the holidays, be sure to follow up your application with a phone call or friendly email. Doing this shows that you are serious about your application, and allows you to build upon your existing network. 

Happy Christmas and best of luck for your job search! 
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