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How to Suggest Internal Changes to Your Boss

When organizations grow, they develop and change over time. This usually takes place through structured and planned change from the top down. However, sometimes employees initiate change within the company through suggestions and previous experience. If you are an employee looking to change a process within the company, below are some points you can follow:

Choose whether this is an individual or group change
Will this internal change only impact your individual work or will it also impact your colleagues’ work?

Get support 
Get support from a colleague who is well-respected in the organisation and share the idea together. It increases your chance of it being approved. 

Bring it to your boss’ attention
Tell your boss why the current procedure is not bringing out your full potential in a polite and dignified way, being careful not to insult or criticise.

Suggest the change, don’t force it
Always put it across as a suggestion, rather than forcing or pushing the idea forward, as that may be perceived in the wrong way.

Come up with a solution to the problem
After suggesting a change, put forward your new idea backed by research or proof of it working due to prior experience.

Trial period is always a good option

Suggest trialling the idea before permanently implementing it, your boss may find this less daunting and be more likely to give it a go

Assess the trial period
If it benefits the company, great. If not, go back the original procedure or have a plan B in place.

Reflect on the outcome
How has this change impacted the team’s performance and productivity? This will help your boss decide on how to proceed.
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