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In Focus: The UK Construction Market

2016 has been an interesting year for the UK recruitment industry so far. 

Talent shortages, talent migration, and the introduction of the National Living Wage have all had a profound effect on the market as a whole. However, the impact on the construction sector has been particularly important, and we are now seeing a higher volume of roles in the Manchester, Leeds, Midlands and Greater London areas. Of course with an increase in demand it is important to ask, where is the supply?

With a high level of construction projects taking place in and around the London and Greater London areas, it seems that the pull of the capital remains strong, despite the increase in roles elsewhere. The promise of higher salaries and the chance to work on more high-profile projects is of course a big draw, particularly within the Transportation, Construction and Engineering disciplines. In addition, according to the May REC Labour Report, there is now a growing trend in the number of professionals being paid high amounts for contract work. As a result, permanent positions such as site-based and quantity surveying roles are harder for companies to fill as these professionals look to take full advantage of the flexibility that working on a contract basis can provide. 

Unfortunately, this increase in demand for professionals in the capital has left a talent deficit elsewhere, particularly in the Midlands and Northern England. In general, the roles generated in these separate arenas are quite similar and indicate a shortage of talent in these sectors: 

Transportation Planners
Geotechnical Engineers
Structural Engineers 
Civil Engineers
Building/Quantity Surveyors

To view the roles we have available in these sectors, click here.

Additionally, both the North and Midlands reported an increase in salaries for both temporary and permanent staff, a good point to consider if you’re looking for a new opportunity!

Cavendish professionals has years of experience supplying high quality technical talent to clients on an international level.  Our consultants are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for candidate and client alike.
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