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Our expert guide to Roadshow Recruitment

What is a Roadshow?

Cavendish Professionals Roadshows are designed to interview large numbers of healthcare professionals face to face. Attendance at these interviews is dependent on candidates successfully passing a pre-screening interview process which are conducted over the phone or by Skype.  

“How are suitable candidates identified?”

Cavendish Professionals have been specialist healthcare recruiters for over ten years, during which time they have built a considerable database of physicians, nurses, midwives and allied healthcare professionals within the industry.

In addition to drawing on our own database, our team of highly experienced recruitment consultants actively head-hunt candidates from leading medical backgrounds and establishments around the world.

Cavendish Professionals use several reputable job boards, in which, our positions are routinely advertised and updated, to reflect both the upcoming roadshows and specialists required by our clients. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are refreshed daily to keep our followers regularly updated.  

Where are Roadshows held?

Cavendish Professionals' Roadshows are held in the UK, Mainland Europe, Canada and North America. Cities that we frequent include London, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago and Washington.

The venues chosen to conduct interviews are always amongst the best hotels in the cities we are visiting. This is a reflection of the status associated with the positions we are recruiting for and the standing of our clients.

Another important consideration in choosing where we host our roadshows is the quality of transport links and proximity to international airports. We routinely fly suitable candidates in, fully expensed, to meet with the client.    

What to expect?

One of Cavendish Professionals’ real strengths is the effort our consultants put into preparing prospective candidates following the preliminary selection process. It’s no accident that our strap line is ‘The genuinely caring recruitment company’ and is reflected in numerous testimonials from our candidates.

We support prospective candidates in two distinct ways. Firstly, our consultants can help interview preparation by sharing the types of questions that are typically asked by the interviewing Clinical Heads.  Feedback and insight from candidates that have previously been through the process is also shared, where appropriate. Last, but not least, our consultants provide further reassurance on the day by welcoming candidates in person and answering any last-minute questions they may have.

Secondly, the administrative support of our co-ordinators is critical on the day of interview. International positions require documented personal details, point of origin, airport of departure, documented marital status, license to practice. Cavendish Professional co-ordinators collate these documents in readiness for the roadshows enabling successful candidates to be made an offer and go to contract on the day of interview.

Don’t forget the obvious

Cavendish Professionals will do all they can to help you prepare and secure an international position, however, you will have to demonstrate your understanding of the facility in which the role you are applying for is based. You must also ‘bring to life’ your own examples of medical competence during the interview, as well as expressing a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the position you are applying for.

Cavendish Professionals work hard to set up these roadshows. Our clients fly in from the Gulf with high expectations prior to meeting prospective candidates face to face; be sure to be punctual, suitably attired and determined to secure a fabulous new career opportunity!!

If you’ve missed a roadshow don’t worry, we have plenty of upcoming roadshows around Europe, Canada and North America. Just click on the link to browse through our latest healthcare jobs.
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