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Sidra - the Gulf’s beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care.

Sidra Medical and Research Center – a snapshot.

Sidra is a Medical and Research Center in Qatar that focuses on patient care for women and children. It is an ultra-modern, high tech facility intended on providing world class patient care as well as building on Qatar’s scientific expertise and resources. 

It was built with 3 essential missions in mind:
  • World-Class Patient Care
  • Medical Education
  • Biomedical Research
Sidra is said to be ranked amongst some of the most advanced research facilities worldwide. This is due to its cutting-edge technology, latest medical equipment and high-tech laboratories, allowing for innovation and clinical advancement. Sidra will also be the first hospital to have been designed around its innovative systems from inception.

This facility is a fantastic place for healthcare professionals to work, as they can benefit from being part of a fully digital facility with world leading science and research programs.

If you’re interested in our healthcare opportunities at Sidra and are thinking about relocating there, this article should help answer some questions you may have about moving abroad. 

Benefits of relocating

Enrich your professional portfolio

Relocating abroad can be an educating experience in many ways. Professionally, you can look to broaden your horizons by developing your skills, such as; language skills, communication, environmental adaptability, cultural knowledge and awareness, etc. These are great CV boosters and not to mention valuable personal skills to obtain. 

Broaden your mind

Moving to an entirely different country means a new set of people, language, culture and social rules you’ll be introduced to. This can be daunting at first but once you adapt to the culture, you will find that your host country becomes your second home. You’ll develop new contacts, lifelong friends in certain instances, new hobbies and interests you can enjoy and explore, and of course all the new delicious food you get to try! 

Personal benefits

Moving abroad can give you the potential to have a better quality of work or life. Certain countries, like Qatar, offer attractive expat packages; such as a tax-free salary, shorter working hours, generous amounts of annual leave, relocation allowances and annual flights home. It’s important to always do your research before moving to another country, as every nation and company varies in the packages they offer. Aside from monetary benefits, there are other invaluable skills such as confidence, independence and much more to gain from living and working abroad.

When in Qatar 

There are plenty of questions you will have before moving to a new country, but it helps to understand a few aspects of life over there. Here are a few things to know about expat life in Qatar.

Work life

Being one of the richest nations in the world there are plenty of opportunities to earn an attractive tax free salary package, however your exact salary is usually dependent on your company, contract and qualifications. A working week in Qatar is usually Sunday – Thursday with weekends falling on Fridays and Saturdays. Public holidays are based on special Islamic faith days. 


Qatar is a hub for expats, with around 500 new expats walking through Doha airport every day! This can ensure a very multicultural atmosphere with English spoken widely, amongst other languages. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people within the expat community, whether you are moving on your own or as a family; communities like Doha Mums gives you a chance to meet other expats and likeminded people. 

Qatar is a traditional country

Qatar is often known as one of the most liberal of the gulf countries, and so there is no requirement for women to wear an abaya (the full length black gown), instead men and women are preferred to wear a modest dress code. You can drink alcohol in licensed premises and you can also apply for an alcohol permit from your employer to drink at home. Pork is available to purchase, however it will not be available to order when eating out.

Social life

You can expect warm weather all year long, with only a mild winter season. This means that it’s always a good time to enjoy the outdoors. Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world, it was ranked 2nd in the world last year! Therefore, going out alone or at night should be no concern. 

There are plenty of ways to spend your free time in Qatar no matter what you’re looking for, whether it be restaurants, bars, night clubs, deserts Safaris or Aqua parks. If you’re into your sports, there’s the annual Moto GP and the FIFA world cup 2022 to look forward to.

If you are looking to move abroad or just looking to move on in your career, Cavendish professionals has a range of healthcare jobs in Qatar with attractive salary packages. Just click on the link to browse or contact us directly to talk about any opportunities.  

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