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The Importance of Recruitment Agencies

Having entered the recruitment industry as a marketer last year, I can truly say that it was not what I thought it would be. 

Why is that? Well, I’ve heard a lot of negative discussions on the topic of recruitment and recruiters, in addition to having a few not-so-great experiences with agencies myself! I’ve also noticed that since working with my new agency, many of the people I speak to about recruitment have preconceived ideas about what recruiters are like. I have heard every comment from “They’re all just money hungry!”, right through to “You’re just a number to them, they don’t care about you as a person.” 

Despite the negativity experienced by some, I wanted to reassure candidates who are currently looking for new opportunities that not every recruitment company operates that way. Coming at it as a non-recruiter and with an honest opinion, I have observed my colleagues work day in and day out, researching, consulting and guiding people to the best of their abilities. I’ve seen them give candidates the confidence they need to take a big career leap, and I have seen them commiserate with candidates who were not successful in their applications, and continue to support and help them in their search for a role. That’s the beauty of being in this industry, seeing your hard work help someone to achieve their goals. 

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of recruitment agencies, I hope that I can shed a bit of light on how valuable they are to people who are seeking new opportunities. 

They’re experts in the field…
The majority of agencies will have worked within the sector they are recruiting for, for years.  This means that they have accumulated a good amount of ‘insider knowledge’ on what employers want and what candidates need to have in order for them to impress hiring managers. These agencies have spent time building relationships with the clients they represent, and may have even placed your future boss or manager in their current role! In the past, our company has placed entire departments, from CEO/Director roles all the way to staff roles. This meant that we knew exactly what characteristics were important to the client and were better able to advise candidates on whether they were a good match or not. 

They can help you to negotiate…
We’ve all had situations where we’ve felt that the pay was not necessarily reflective of our experience and education, but when is it ok to negotiate the salary proposed? Is it after you’ve been given the position? Is it before? What about culture – does finding a job abroad influence when and how to negotiate pay? These are all questions that I’ve asked in the past, and they become particularly urgent when you’re looking to immigrate. Recruitment consultants can help you to negotiate the best terms with your new employers, they’ll tell you what salary to push for and even mediate with their clients on your behalf. 

They know what’s going on in your industry…
Recruitment agencies make it a point to know what’s happening in the industries they specialise in. Not only for themselves, but to make sure that their candidates are aware of the latest projects and opportunities. You may be seeking a role which the agency has no vacancies for, but your recruiter may know of a project going live within a few months that will require people with your particular skillset. They will keep you updated of the timeline and put your profile forward for review when they notice a role that they think will suit your abilities. 

They can make you aware of opportunities you didn’t know you were qualified for…
You may feel that your education and experience limit the kind of roles you are eligible for. However,  it is sometimes possible for a recruiter to receive an application for a specific role and know (through years of experience) that the candidate would be suitable for a role within the same sector. It is part of a consultant's job to have a good understanding of what transferrable skills a candidate may have in order to find them their perfect fit role. 

They provide good relocation advice…
My colleagues at Cavendish take their candidate's relocation very seriously as they understand that it’s a big step for everyone involved. They keep up-to-date on all the latest news and legislation regarding visas, paperwork, accommodation, expat life, country culture and working conditions abroad. In addition, they make sure that you’re fully aware of all of these factors before considering the move. If you're currently considering a move, check out our blogs on relocating and paperwork for some helpful hints and tips!

They understand the importance of job satisfaction…
Recruitment is all about human to human interaction. It’s about effective communication, which creates relationships, respect, and above all - trust. Placing a candidate in a role that would ultimately make them unhappy doesn’t foster trust, and it certainly doesn’t benefit the recruiter or the client. It is in the recruiter's best interest to place a candidate in a role that they will be happy in - if you’re happy, then the recruiters are happy too.  

I hope that the above has helped to give you some fresh insight into recruitment agencies and what we are trying to achieve for our candidates. If you’re still in doubt, feel free to take a look at our testimonials page, for a different perspective on recruitment from our previous candidates. 

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