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The Importance of Telephone Etiquette

Email, Whatsapp, Instant Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - there are so many ways to communicate with customers and clients nowadays! However, despite all the new ways we have to speak with our service users, many of them still prefer to to hear a friendly and competent voice over the phone.

Here's why good telephone etiquette should still be an important feature of your business...

1. Representing the Company
When you’re speaking to customers on the phone you are the first representation that client has of the company. Being polite and clear will go a long way!

2. Troubleshooting
Online communication is great, but most of the time customers will prefer to speak to someone friendly and helpful – particularly if they are experiencing problems. 

3. Customer Service

The baseline of providing excellent customer service is to communicate well with your clients, this is especially important when speaking to them on the phone. 

4. Efficiency
Answering the phone quickly and dealing with enquiries swiftly will give your company a reputation for being those things and help customers to feel valued. 
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