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Why Your Hobbies & Interests Matter to Employers

Trying to decide if you should include a "hobbies and interests" section on your CV? We asked our consultants whether the interests of a candidate really do influence hiring managers and employers. Here's what they told us....


Recruiters and employers get sent hundreds of CVs every day. Including a resume that showcases your personality can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Having hobbies such as “playing football” or “painting” on your CV indicate to employers the kinds of skills you could bring to your role - such as team spirit and creativity. 

Perfect Fit
Employers frequently use the “hobbies and interests” section to judge whether they think a candidate will fit in with their company culture.


Some hobbies are more relevant to the job your applying for than others. If you have a wide range of interests, try narrowing them down to ones that will complement your application.

Conversation Starter
Employers are genuinely interested in the people that work for them. Having an unusual hobby, such as cliff diving, on your CV can help to break the ice during an interview.
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