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This is the second time in my midwifery career journey I have used the services of Mark at Cavendish. Over the past few months He has guided me through the process of moving to Qatar with professionalism and reassurance at all times. The sometimes daunting process was made easier by himself and Maggie who both took the time to reassure and help in any way possible.

Fiona, Midwife.

I would like to say thank you very much to the Cavendish Nursing recruitment team especially Milena Rasic for the support, advice and seamless processing of paperwork to re-locate from London to Qatar. I had initially attended the interview to get insight into working abroad but I hadn’t thought I would actually go through the whole process and re-locate. But after meeting the Cavendish team on the interview day, I immediately felt at ease due to the support provided by Milena from the front door to the interview room. The whole process took 5/6months and Milena was always on the other end of the phone/email to clarify and offer advice about paperwork. I will always be indebted to Milena and her team for the great work you do.

Caroline, CNL - NICU.

I’m all ready and packed! Looking forward to going. Thank you so much for everything Tatjana and Erween. You guys are truly amazing! You've been so supportive from the very beginning. I will most definitely let you know how I’m getting on. I promise you I’ll cut the apron strings and will only harass you guys weekly rather than everyday! I’ve been a very privileged candidate to have you guys. Lots of love to you both!

Emma, Midwife.

Just a little update as this is our 4th week at Sidra, time is flying and we have settled in nicely, it's absolutely amazing. We have managed a few brunches, shopping, met some new people and have been working too. We've been talking to some of the others and we all realise how lucky we are over here. Everything is great and the journey to get us here was all sorted by you and the team! Great job Adrian, Maria and Shaunagh!

Natalie and Tracey, Midwives.

We arrived safely in the early hours of Saturday morning to a lovely central and spacious apartment. Orientation went well and I have met some lovely people from all around the world. I feel already that I am going to love working at Sidra Medicine. Thank you Adrian, Maria and Shaunagh for all your help and support throughout, you all made this transition easy for us.

Carol, Midwife.

Aisling, you have been fantastic from day one. You are a consummate professional and an excellent coordinator. Words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful your guidance and advice has been. I am forever grateful for your support! I am looking forward to work and enjoying the sunshine over here in Doha. I'd also like to say a thank you to Shaunagh for all her help and all the wonderful people in Cavendish. You have all been fantastic.

Joseph, Clinical Nurse.

Hi Selase and Tatjana. We arrived in Doha last, weary but very excited. Our journey was uneventful and perfectly organised. Our accommodation at the Adagio Aparthotel is AMAZING and is going to be a hard act to follow. We felt so welcomed by the attention to detail in our complimentary welcome pack and relocation information. I am now looking forward to my first day of orientation tomorrow. Thanking you for all that you've done to make this all possible.

Beverly, Biomedical Scientist - Haematology.

Tatjana and Selase, I would like to thank you for all the hard work to get me over here, I am loving it so far. There is so much to learn, but I will get there. Thank so much once again, I wish I could send you some warm weather just to show you my appreciation!

Mimi, Staff Nurse - Theatre

It’s been a long road but look, we are here! Thanks to Selase and Tatjana for all the help, encouragement and support I received from them. Thank you is not enough and I am hoping we can get together to celebrate when they both come on holidays. I hope and pray that I make them proud for all their efforts. I am truly grateful for everything.

Patience, CNS - NICU.

Tatjana, thank you very much for all your support and advise throughout my process in preparation to embark on this journey to Qatar. We travelled well and are settling in okay. Thank you again for everything and putting up with my many questions. Will keep you posted!

Ruwadzano, CN - NICU.

Tatjana, thanks so much, can't believe it's actually happening! Thank you for all your help through this process, I truly appreciate it!

Jessie, CN - General Paediatrics.

Mark was my consultant and responsible for the recruitment of the role I applied for. Throughout he kept me updated and was extremely positive. This ensured myself and my family that the process will be fine from departure up to the arrival in Doha. Mark never cut off his communication with us, if I ever had a problem with some of my documents I knew I could easily reach him and he would still be willing to help us. Mark kept me updated with the developments during the entire recruitment process, he is easy to approach, supportive, very professional and transparent, a truly great recruiter. From the bottom of our heart, thank you so much for your help and encouragement. Our life here in Doha is fantastic. Kudos to You!

Mjane, Staff Nurse - NICU.

I spent too many years dreaming about working abroad., here was always an excuse, but Mark changed that for me. Since moving to Doha things have changed. From day one I was recognised for being me, my ideas were heard, I was treated with respect and my work was acknowledged (I now hear the words “job well done” which initially took a while to get use too!) As a person I am both mentally and physically healthier, living in Doha allows me to be the best version of me. From the first phone call to this very day Mark has been outstanding. His polite reassuring manner is second to none. No matter how busy (or numerous calls, texts or emails I sent) he remained committed to answering my questions and advising me. I can honestly say I would not have made this decision so easily without his fantastic support both professionally and personally. He is a credit to himself and his profession and I would recommend everyone to connect with him if they wish to travel and work abroad.

Carmel, Paediatric Urgent Care Centre Nurse Manager.

Evgenia has done a wonderful job in guiding me through the recruitment process for joining Sidra. Evgenia made excellent arrangements for my visit to Sidra prior to accepting the offer. She has been thoroughly professional throughout and very prompt in answering any questions I had. From the start of my application process, until the end of the travel arrangements, Evgenia was consistent and informative throughout my journey. I have informed my friends about the Cavendish professionalism. Thank you for all your help.

Durai, Consultant Adult Anaesthesiologist.

I would like to grab this opportunity to thank Cavendish Professionals for their hard work and patience in minding applicants like myself. My journey to Sidra took less than 4 months; from my initial interview in Dublin to stepping through Sidras doors. I came as a Clinical Nurse initially, and after 5 weeks of wonderful experiences, another opportunity came along that inspired me to achieve my goals personally and professionally as a Clinical Nurse Leader. It was really a friendly exchange of emails and chats from the start up to the very last moment when they send you the ticket for your airfare. As you send messages back and forth it creates a bond. Thanks Evgenia and Jenna for this wonderful experience. Truly, you guys are amazing.

Jose, Clincal Nurse - Medical Specialty, Qatar.

A special thanks to Tatjana for everything you have done for me, I really appreciate it. I am almost ready to go and so excited! I will definitely keep in touch.

Hawa, Clincal Nurse, Qatar.

I just wanted to say that it has been a true pleasure working with the team at Cavendish Professionals. They are truly amazing at what they do! Mark Liston is superior when it comes to meeting the needs of his clients. He reached out to me in July 2017 about a wonderful opportunity in Doha, Qatar. Because of him, I was able to have a better opportunity in my career as Respiratory Therapist and as an ECMO specialist. No matter the question or concern that I had, he was very quick to respond with the answer or solution. Maggie Socha is also a miracle worker. She worked very hard answering all of my crazy emails. She was very professional and making sure all documents were successfully submitted with all the different organizations that were involved in the process of my pre-employment at Sidra. Thank you so much Cavendish Professionals for all your hard work and dedication to your clients! You guys are truly the best and I look forward to working with the team in the future for many more wonderful destinations to travel to!

Tasha, Respiratory Therapist III, Qatar.

I’ve been through the process of recruitment with Cavendish and now successfully in my exciting new post at Sidra. Selase has been my recruitment consultant and I have to say that from the outset and throughout he has been incredible. He successfully got me boarded over here in Doha in less than 3 months. And he’s really looked after me and even after I got here I had some problems and Selase was still there to help. I would and have recommended Selase to all my friends thinking of this opportunity. Tatjana has also been so very good and kept in touch and updated me every step of the way. I can’t believe how lucky I got to have Selase and Tatjana.

Gail, Clinical Midwife Leader, Qatar.

Thank you so much, Olivia. I really appreciate all the help and hard work you’ve done and settling my nerves whenever I’ve panicked! I’m looking forward to the new start and will let you know how I get on and will definitely recommend you and Cavendish to any colleagues.Thanks again!

Nathan, Clinical Nurse Oncology, Qatar.

Thanks to everyone who assisted me. Your team helped me in an excellent way, especially when I stressed out and was looking for more advice, you helped me to understand the issues. Your professional service and care is excellent.

Nadeem, Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Qatar.

Maggie, I’m so excited and so ready to begin this new journey. I’m packed and ready to go. Currently leaving my empty apartment with my suitcases and tennis bag, I’m so happy! I can’t thank you, Mark and the team at Sidra and the team in your office enough for helping with the process. It was scary at times but you guys did an excellent job staying on top of things. Thank you for putting up with all my crazy emails when I was driving myself crazy thinking negative thoughts. I would like to keep in touch with you and team while I’m Doha. I will also be writing a kudos on the website regarding the wonderful work you guys did. I would DEFINITELY recommend your team to help anyone looking for a great job and a new adventure! Keep in touch!

Tasha, Respiratory Therapist, Qatar.

Thank you Tatjana. All the information you have provided me with has been read in detail, noted and taken in. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and all members of your team for the great support throughout the journey.

Oluwatoyin, CNL - Perioperative Operating Room Qatar.

Thanks a million for your email, Jenna. I would like to extend my kind appreciation for your help and support over the last one year. You have been exceptionally great with your communication skills and concerns. I am very pleased to have you as a mediator for Sidra. Me and my family extend their sincere appreciation for all your efforts. Will keep in touch once we reach Doha.

Grace, CNL Perioperative OR, Qatar.

I have recently arrived in Qatar where I am working as a Clinical Nurse at a new hospital in Doha. I attended a recruitment day in London November 2016 which was co-ordinated by Mark and the Cavendish team. From interview to relocation, which is lengthy, Mark, Aisling and Maggie have been professional and very helpful in guiding each step. Mark has been an excellent resource and prompt to answer questions. What's more he has the personal touch in allaying any anxieties, always willing to follow up a query with a phone call if and when needed. I am so grateful to Cavendish for this fantastic opportunity to live and work in Doha. Anyone toying with the idea of working abroad, don't think too much, just to do it, Cavendish will help you. You will not regret it!

Dianne, Clinical Nurse, Qatar.

I strongly feel that I should let you know about this. I have never met Mr Selase Klu as a person. Our contacts have always been by correspondence, text messages and phone calls. Mr Selase Klu got in touch with me about a possible career move to Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar in January 2017. He did this as a Recruitment Consultant at Cavendish Professionals. I got in touch with him to let him know of my interest. That was it! Within hours, Mr Klu sent me all available information that helped me with my application and life in the State of Qatar. Nothing was ever too much for Mr Klu as I navigated the myriad of paperwork. I can confidently say that Mr Selase Klu pulled all the stops and went beyond the call of duty to ensure that I filled and submitted the forms in record time. It wasn’t unusual for Mr Klu to phone me after office hours about requirements that needed sending in. Mr Klu was not at my interview but sent his apologies and he called me later to congratulate me. He provided me with all the information about what I required for my Qatari Medical Licensing, Police Certificates and General Medical Council Certificate of Good Standing. All these enabled my completion of all that were required in record time. He kept in touch with me, provided me with details of relocation and contacted me to welcome me to Qatar in September 2017. I have no doubt that your organization has a great and highly efficient Recruitment Agent in Mr Selase Klu.

Vincent, Senior Attending Physician - OBGYN, Qatar.

Dear Olivia and Aisling, just wanted to thank you also for all your hard work and patience with me over these last months/year especially as I was for ever on the email to you with thousands of questions. You have always answered very promptly and although it has been a long process your utter professionalism has been invaluable and appreciated in helping me get to this point. You have always been so helpful and very efficient in everything you have done and it has been a pleasure to have worked with you. It has been so nice to work with people who understand, are helpful and very professional so thank you and I would always recommend you and Cavendish - true professionals.

Sharon, Infection Control Practitioner, Qatar.

Evgenia and Jenna were such a pleasure to work with when making my move to Qatar. Any questions I had especially regarding timelines and visa, they were only an email away to help! I could not fault their professional and friendly attitude and would like to thank them for making my move so seamless! Thank you very much ladies, it's been a pleasure.

Hannah, Clinical Nurse - Medical, Qatar.

Never knew that an email to Evgenia on a Sunday morning in January 2017, with new years resolution in mind would land me in Qatar! Yes!! Evgenia was the base instrument to my smooth operated relocation from day one even though I did converse with Jenna too. Although I met Evgenia once, her emials felt personal and reassuring. Evgenia has been extremely helpful even when it seemed to much towards the end and I wanted to give up! I am now in Qatar since Sept 2017 and Evgenia still checking on me! How great to have you Cavendish team as a bridge to Sidra. I am so looking forward to this great opportunity and in years to come. I hope anyone reading this will be inspired to join Sidra family!

Salome, Midwife, Qatar.

I have been nursing for quite a number of years. I had always wanted to work ‘abroad’ but one thing or another stopped me. To be honest I was a little scared to make the leap, and also it all seemed so complicated. My journey to Qatar and Sidra started when I received a message on LinkedIn – 18th October 2016 to be exact – I submitted a response to Mark not really thinking too much about it (by the way this was an error on my part I missed a digit out on the phone number). Mark was persistent and contacted me again through LinkedIn, we had a conversation and I honestly thought afterwards, this is a big fat joke but I’m going to play along see where it gets me. A few weeks later after submitting some paperwork and being late for my interview (due to a traffic issue), I was to my surprise offered the job (on the day) as Clinical Nurse Lead in Pediatrics (E.R.). December of the same year I received paperwork to complete, and the process started in earnest. I will add that the process left me drained and many times I thought I would quit as it was too much effort. I received a start date roughly 7 months after my initial contact with Mark. I flew out to Qatar June of 2017, and I haven’t looked back since. My work life balance is just about perfect, socially again perfect, and financially no complaints. Qatar is a great place to live lots to do and see, plus there are a number of likeminded people who are happy to help you to settle in. Sidra is an amazing company to work for they, are progressive forward thinking and have the wellbeing of their employees at front and center. Now that being said my life is just about perfect, and I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had that initial contact from Mark. He is amazing, calm, professional, and very knowledgeable on what, when and how, to facilitate the transition to expat in Qatar. Aisling Redmond, was also a great help in this complicated process, quick to respond to queries, and supportive to me during the application process. Together they make a great team. Both Mark and Aisling are an absolute credit to Cavendish Professionals. My suggestion to anyone reading this is give it a go, Mark, Aisling and the team will help you to make an amazing step in your life and not only that they will make it super easy and minimal stress too. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the support of Mark and Aisling. I cannot thank these two enough but here goes THANK YOU <3

Drew, Clinical Nurse Lead, Qatar.

I received a phone call from Mark last October asking me if I would be interested in working in Doha Qatar. I have never met anyone like him. He does care about the people he recruits, prepares them to be successful at interview and provides excellent advice for settling into a new job. Throughout the process he supported, guided and kept me informed with solid and useful advice despite the constant texts, calls and emails. Mark is simple outstanding, professional and friendly. His personal support at interview was exceptional. Since my move to Qatar Mark has continued his contact with me ensuring I have settled in. I can honestly say, that because of Mark, this move to another country, job and lifestyle has been so easy. I am extremely happy in my new job and being part of the team opening a brand new state of the art hospital at Sidra medical and research centre I also had contact with Aisling who also portrayed a professional and friendly rapport with me. She also provided guidance through the process and also took the time to listen to me. I would highly recommend Mark, Aisling and Cavendish Professionals to anyone considering a new job home or abroad. They are truly an accomplished recruiting agency with excellent staff. Thank you Mark and Aisling for the personal touch

Carmel, Nurse Manager, Qatar.

I initially made contact with Mark through LinkedIn when I was considering a change of jobs which has now led me being relocated from Ireland to work in Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Qatar as a Radiographer. Throughout the whole process I found Mark to be very professional, friendly and knowledgeable making the process very stress free! He was always contactable to answer any query I may have had no matter the time of day! Since I have moved to Qatar Mark has been in contact to see how I've settled in not only to my new work environment but to life in general here in Doha taking an active interest in his clients after the relocation process has finished. I would recommend Cavendish Recruitment and especially Mark to anyone considering a change of jobs to guide and support you in the right direction!

Claire, Radiographer, Qatar.

Mark has been integral in the last three years of my career progression; always helpful and professional.

Dan, Radiology Nurse, Qatar.

I have arrived safely to HOT Doha. Sorry I could not keep you updated as breaking fast and settling in took little bit longer than I expected. Again, a huge thank you to the magnificent Olivia for all your support, guidance and patience. It has been a journey of all sorts of emotions but your effective communication, calm and cool nature, and assured competency kept the ball rolling. Can you please pass my utmost gratitude to the whole team, especially Olivia. She made the whole process seem easy. I immensely enjoyed working with you guys. You are all stars!!!!!!!

Huseein, General Radiographer.

Mark is an excellent recruiter, the best I have ever had. He is professional, efficient, a perfect communicator and was so patient with me during the whole process. I was so lucky to have Mark assist me through every single step, until I joined the new facility. I am really appreciative of his amazing job, many thanks! I highly recommend working with Mark.

Sun, Charge Nurse VIP Ward, UAE.

Selase is a great customer oriented recruitment consultant. He was very professional, positive, motivating and reassuring. Selase has helped me find a role I am happy in, with an ideal team environment. Thank you!

Giovanni, Senior Physiotherapist, London

Selase is very professional, courteous and reliable. If he says he will return your call, he will. He took the time to listen to my needs and matched those really well to a fantastic job offer. I would not hesitate to recommend Selase as a recruitment consultant.

Patricia, Senior Biomedical Scientist, London

Mark contacted me directly via LinkedIn. Due to his diligence, I have obtained a new position in Central London. Throughout the whole process I have found Mark very professional, knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend Cavendish Professionals to anyone who wishes to seek new opportunities.

Halina, Senior I MRI Radiographer, London

Becoming an effective recruitment consultant requires one to open their ears and really listen carefully to their clients needs and career aspirations. This may sound straight forward for most recruitment consultants, but it is equally the hardest task to do, particularly when a client's career needs become more complex that it almost seems impossible to help them. I guess sometimes, it's easier for these recruiter's to move on to the next client.

What most recruitment consultants fail to do is take time to build a rapport with their client, take an extra 5-10 minutes on that telephone call to find out about their client's background, their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, what their aim is in life. This seems so basic right? but it is hardly discussed, and almost certainly clients never call these recruitment consultants back again, because essentially, they are choosing not to listen, they are choosing not to understand in order to be understood.

It's a different case with Selase. Never have I met a recruitment consultant go beyond the call of duty to assist a client in attaining their career aspirations. Selase has taken the time to acknowledge my background, my qualities and my skill-set in depth. He has taken the time to UNDERSTAND how I want to develop in my career and I have UNDERSTOOD why he has offered me certain career opportunities. Selase is attentive and truly listens. As a result, I have been able to build a positive rapport with Selase. He has worked hard to find the right job opportunity for me, and most importantly he never gave up on me.

I have been in my current job for 6 months now and Selase has continued to take time to check-in now and then to ensure I am still happy. Well, put it this way, I have not had any need to liaise with another recruitment consultant since I started. I have mentioned 'Cavendish Professionals' to a few of my colleagues now, because it is clear that Selase's level of professionalism is representative of an agency that is willing to go that extra mile to assist you in achieving your career aspirations. I can assure you that their ears are wide open and you will not be disappointed with their service, particularly Selase's service. He is a true asset to the agency.


Jennifer, Senior Physiotherapist, London

Mark is an excellent recruiter. He was professional, friendly & made the process of moving into a new healthcare setting easy & reassuring from start to finish. Having settled into my new role, Mark had been in touch regularly to check on my progress & generally see how things are going, a sign he takes an active interest in his clients & their career progression. I would absolutely recommend anyone works with Mark on finding their next role, & if the opportunity arises whereby I look for a new role, I will have no problem working with Mark again. Thanks for everything.

Anthony, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, London

Mark works in a professional manner, with good communication skills. He is knowledgeable in his field. He understood what I was looking for and he successfully landed me a super role.

Barbara, Sister Paediatric Nurse, London

I am glad that I applied for a job in Abu Dhabi through Cavendish. The services they provided were outstanding. I was extremely lucky to have Nora Atanasova as my Recruitment Advisor. She is a thorough professional with lot of experience, which was clearly evident in her dealings with me. She was very reassuring, clear in communication and most importantly was unbiased, she never tried to convince me one way or the other. She kept me informed about the progress at every step. Now, I have joined my new hospital and looking back, I am certain this would not have been possible without Nora and Cavendish. Thanks a lot Nora & Cavendish for all your help!

Ravi, Consultant Orthopaedics; Traumatology, Abu Dhabi

It was a pleasure to work with Selase. He is very helpful and very professional. He is very organised and efficient and was always quick to respond to my queries.

Lucie, Practice Nurse, London

I wish to thank Mark Liston for all his ongoing support, from start to finish. He is understanding, efficient and dedicated to his role. He has great communication skills too. Cavendish Professionals are outstanding.

Siobhan, Occupational Health Specialist, London

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Selase. From the initial phone call until my start date, he has been very helpful and supportive, giving concise, articulate and comprehensive advise through the interview stages. Very easy to contact, even out of working hours - so helpful.

Waheed, Clinical Governance Facilitator, London

My experience with Cavendish Professionals started in 2013 when I decided to try the Middle East adventure. From the very beginning Mark Liston was the most supportive agent I ever encountered. He always has an answer, a solution or a reassurance word for those long months of waiting for the paperwork to go through. I was so happy with their way of approaching the hassle of changing jobs that I required their services once I was already in Dubai and.... again they did an outstanding job getting me a new job in Abu Dhabi, even earlier than expected. All in all a very satisfying experience. Cavendish TRULY Professionals.

Juan, Charge Nurse PACU, Abu Dhabi

Cavendish Professionals provided me with an excellent and personal service from my first point of contact, to securing the position that suited my career needs. The process of recruitment was made easier by the support provided by Mark Senior Recruitment Consultant who maintained frequent contact with me in order that both my new employer and I were working towards a mutually agreeable outcome. The preparation and facilitation provided by Mark made the whole process remarkably stress free and I am now happily working with an organisation that offers me career progression and a fantastic working environment. I can highly recommend Mark as a professional who is knowledgeable and at every step of the way provided personal support and importantly an interest.

Naomi, Pharmacy Technician, London

I had the pleasure of working with Laura in my previous company, with whom Cavendish Professionals had a recruitment contract. Laura and her team consistently provided an extremely high standard of service and delivered results. She understood the requirements of the organisation and built strong relationships with our team and her candidates. I would highly recommend Laura for the recruitment of medical professionals.

Lindsey, Nurse Recruiter, Saudi Arabia

Mark was an exceptional recruiter, he assisted me with every step of the application process. Very professional and dedicated which was one of the reasons why I accepted my new post over other career opportunities. He is definitely an excellent member of a fabulous team/ company.

Andrea, AICU Sister, London

I can't thank Olivia, Laura and Cavendish enough for all the help and support they gave me during the process of applying for a job and relocating. 

Olivia was just a phone call or email away and always happy to help. She was extremely professional and kept me up to date with all that was happening! I've recommended her to a few friends already. Thanks so much for everything, I'm really enjoying it out here.

Olamide, Midwife, Abu Dhabi

Mark is an outstanding senior recruiter with a broad knowledge of the industry. I highly appreciate his well-tailored services and support throughout the recruitment process. Mark has presented his great interest in meeting the client's needs, providing timely updates and promoting effective communication. I truly recommend Mark for the business he is competent in.

Vivek, Clinical Technologist, London

Mark provided me with an exceptional experience throughout the recruitment process for my current position. From the point of first contact the service was always friendly, courteous, professional and efficient. I felt fully supported by Mark who offered support and encouragement every step of the way. Whilst seeking and applying for new positions can be a stressful time Mark managed to minimise this and made the whole process relaxed. A proficient, professional and thoughtful service and I would thoroughly recommend Mark to any one seeking employment.

Ruth, Clinical Nurse Manager AICU, London

Evgenia is a very dedicated person. She provides excellent service and in a very professional manner. Working with Evgenia is enjoyable. She is friendly and respectful. Enjoy working with you. All the best for the future.

Eleonore Zeinaty, Recruitment Administrator, Aspetar Sports and Orthopaedic Hospital

Hi Mark, I would like to thank you for all the help that you gave me while I was looking for a post. I felt very supported and your guidance gave me the confidence to attend my interview. I would not have been successful without your advice, and for that I am very grateful. I have settled in very well at my hospital and have a very supportive and knowledgeable team around me with whom I feel comfortable with.

James, Operating Department Practitioner, London

Eve is a dedicated and professional recruiter who consistently exceeds expectations and delivers results. She clearly understands our needs as a client and is fully conversant with Qatar Immigration and QCHP requirements and processes. She has built strong, honest relationships with my team as well as with her candidates, who all speak very highly of her. I would highly recommend Eve and Cavendish Professionals to other clients.

Adele Thomas, Manager Allied Health Recruitment at Sidra Medical and Research Center

I wanted to thank you for all the support you gave me helping me secure my new job. Laura Liston worked tirelessly and was always willing to help in the resolution of all my doubts. I strongly recommend Cavendish.

Ana, Senior Registered Nurse, Qatar

When my assigned recruiter had to take an extended leave, Laura stepped in to cover my case. She picked up and it was like she knew everything about me and my on boarding needs. With her guidance and assistance, I was very well prepared for my international move. I highly recommend Cavendish.

Jasmine, Case Management Supervisor, Qatar

Olivia was very professional and helpful. She always followed up as promised and provided guidance and support all the way through the recruitment and interview process. Olivia is sincere and efficient and an excellent asset to Cavendish.

Wim, Clinical Psychologist, Qatar

I was introduced to Mark after I saw a vacancy advertised on LinkedIn. It had been a long time since I had applied for any jobs and Mark was great at helping me through each stage and answering any questions I had. His communication was excellent, keeping in touch via phone, email and text to the extent of offering advice the evening before the interview and then asking how my first day in the new job had gone. Mark was enthusiastic and professional at all times.

Charlotte, Senior Biomedical Scientist, London

I highly recommend working with Olivia MacDonnell to secure a new job and relocating. Olivia took care of the details of my contract and advised me each step of the way. My move was smooth and I felt prepared to start my new job without issues. I appreciated Olivia's expertise in overseas relocation and that she had been to the country/city where I was moving and could give me first-hand experience.

Kimberly, Manager of Social Work & Case Management, Qatar

Mark was very professional and sought out the perfect job for me. He managed all correspondence with speed and I felt very confident with his dealings on my behalf. I would recommend Mark to help gain the right employment on a personal level.

Samantha, Senior ODP, London

Mark is an enthusiastic, dedicated and client-focused recruitment consultant. He is extremely professional in his relationship between both employers and candidates; his approach to recruitment differs from other consultants in that he strongly believes in finding the right candidate for the right position.

I was first introduced to Mark after applying for a role in an area I was particularly interested in. Not only did Mark demonstrate a high level of knowledge and professionalism throughout, he also played a pivotal role in helping me progress through each stage of recruitment, from application to interview and everything thenceforth. Mark’s knowledge of the industry meant that tasks deemed otherwise tedious were dealt with in an efficient and unobtrusive manner with the highest level of integrity. Mark adopted an appropriate level of communication and worked extremely hard to ensure each stage of the process was lucid and hassle-free. He maintained a continuous relationship between the prospective employer and myself that allowed no stone to be left unturned. Without any hesitation, I can strongly recommend Mark as a recruitment consultant for both prospective candidates and employers.

Liam, Senior Radiographer, London

Andrew contacted me back in November 2014 with regard to a position in central London. From the outset Andrew was informative and knowledgeable about the role and the type of person his clients were seeking. I was quite apprehensive about changing roles but with Andrews constant advice and guidance I decided to put myself forward for the job and I was successful. I owe a lot of this to Andrew and I am most grateful! I have no doubt he will continue to be successful in the appointment of many other clients in the future!

Marie, Senior Paediatric Dietitian, London

Evgenia is the best. Period.

Comparing notes with others about our experiences with recruiters, faces light up when Evgenia's name is mentioned ... which confirms that many others have had my same stellar experience when working with her. She is a wonderful blend of: optimism and encouragement, patience, experience, a voice of reason, and compassion. I am very appreciative of the "human touch" she brings to one of the most stressful events people go through (changing jobs).

David, Senior Biomedical Engineer, Qatar

I had the opportunity to work closely with Eve over the past year when she contacted me about an employment opportunity at Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar. Eve was my go to person during the entirety of the recruitment process - from interview preparation to the final on-boarding steps and beyond. She was very knowledgeable, and it was incredibly reassuring to know she was always willing and able to help. I could approach Eve with any questions or concerns, and she was always attentive and helpful. Relocating internationally for work is a huge step with a bottomless list of logistics involved, and Eve helped make this process manageable for me. She was very organized and systematic with her approach. I think I would have felt lost and overwhelmed without Eve as my guide during my recruitment process. Thank you for all of your help Eve! You were a joy to work with.

Fatima, Dietitian II, Qatar

I would like to thank Andrew Barry at Cavendish for making the process of finding my new job very easy and straightforward. I felt as if all the difficult stressful elements were taken care of so I could focus on being the best I could at my interview. I have settled in extreme well and couldn't be happier. When it is time for a change I will definitely go through you again. Thanks again.

Piroska, Midwife, London

I highly recommend Laura Liston and her team at Cavendish who secured a good job position for me in Qatar in 2014. I was impressed by their promptness and professionalism during this period. Their door still remained open to me when I encountered initial issues on this job. Laura promptly answered my email and followed it up with a phone call to offer advice and guidance. I would recommend Cavendish to all potential job-seekers.

Sonographer, Qatar

Olivia is a great worker. She responds to clients’ needs immediately, despite of the time frame. She was very truthful and reliable during my hiring process. She is extremely organized and has excellent written and oral skills. Olivia's professionalism is a great asset to any company she decides to work with.

Stephanie, Informatics Educator, Qatar

Efficient, reliable and dependable. Pleasant and delightful telephone manner and always was able to answer or follow up with my many questions to her.

Claire, Clinical Informatics Specialist, Qatar

Evgenia contacted me on LinkedIn about an amazing opportunity at Sida Medical and Research Center in Doha, Qatar. I accepted the position and joined Sidra on 2/1/15. Throughout the entire process, Eve kept me informed, answered my questions, responded promptly to all communications and provided a contact whenever she was away from the office. Eve is very professional and well informed about the process, the client and every aspect of relocation. Any potential candidate will be fortunate to work with such a capable, knowledgeable and professional recruitment specialist such as Eve.

Bernadette, Executive Director, Qatar

Evgenia supported me through a complicated recruitment process with upmost skill and attention to detail. She was always contactable to help answer all of my questions and as a result the whole process flowed incredibly smoothly. She has a very professional yet warm manner and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her for any of my future recruitment needs.

Julie, Occupational Therapy Manager, Qatar

Olivia recruited me for my current position in a process that took many months to complete. Throughout she was supportive, positive and always prompt to respond and actively manage any queries or issues.

Andrew, Simulation Instruction Specialist, Qatar

As a Nursing Director, it is with great pleasure and gratitude to recommend Eve Zhovnaruk, Account Manager at Cavendish. Several months ago I was referred to Eve via a professional peer as I was ready for a new opportunity and growth within my nursing career. Eve was working on international recruitment for Sidra Medical Research Center. Eve graciously contacted me and went over possibilities during times which were convenient to my time zone. It only took me a very short time to let Eve know I was interested as she initiated the follow up. Eve walked me through every step of organizing my portfolio to meeting the expectations of Sidra. Within a very short time my interview process began which Eve prepared me as I was not familiar with potential questions from another organization outside the States. During the hiring process Eve checked in frequently and responded within a very short time frame to any communication I initiated. Once I accepted the position, Eve assisted me with needed documentation and remained key in all communication with Sidra. It was a lifelong goal to work internationally and Eve helped me get here. Thank you Eve!

Mary, Nursing Director, Qatar

I had the fortunate opportunity and great pleasure of working with Eve during my recruitment and on boarding at Sidra Medical and Research Center. I always felt that Eve was supporting and helping me to have the best recruitment possible. She was professional, available and resourceful. It is easy to tell she has exceptional experience in recruiting and understanding to process of transitioning people to new jobs, no matter where in the world that may be.

Marla, Neonatal Nurse Manager, Qatar

Eve is a fantastic recruiter; very attentive and efficient. During my recruitment process for my current role at Sidra Medical and Research Centre, I felt Eve could not do enough for me. She was incredibly patient and accommodating and I am very grateful for all her endeavours.

Win, Technologist, Qatar

Eve is a fantastic recruiter to work with. She provides timely information and seeks answers as needed during the recruitment process. She helped me obtain one of the best opportunities in my career. I highly recommend her for your career needs.

Bret, Director of Radiology, Qatar

Laura was the recruiter assisting me with obtaining work at a new hospital in the Middle East. She was very knowledgeable and always answered my questions completely and punctually. She made what is usually a very difficult process extremely easy. She was an absolute pleasure to work with - and I would highly recommend her.

Andy, Simulation Technologist, Qatar

Laura was Excellent, kind, supportive, helpful and professional to the core from start to finish and even after when I had some unexpected issues with current my employer. To date still have contact with her as always looking for new career prospects for me. I would highly recommend Laura to any one and would definitely work with Laura again.

Richard, Charge Nurse, Abu Dhabi

Maricelle is a detail oriented recruitment consultant whose correspondence is consistently timely and filled with helpful advice and information. Her highly professional but personable approach creates a feeling of individualized attention and trust throughout the recruitment process. I have felt well supported and cared about during my interactions with Maricelle because I know that she always looks out for my best interests.

Cheryl, Clinical Nurse Manager, Qatar

I applied for a senior role at an established private hospital through Cavendish. My application was immediately followed up by Mark Anthony who took time to thoroughly brief me on the hospital and outline, in detail, the position. My application was successful and I believe the ongoing support and feedback offered by Mark throughout the process was a huge help. I would recommend Cavendish to anyone.

Simon, Senior Physiologist, London

Mark is excellent at his job, he works very hard to keep his clients happy by delivering fantastic results. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Yvonne, Midwife, London

Frankie did a great job assisting me through the recruitment process with an overseas company. She was able to maintain consistent communication across multiple time zones. Frankie is professional and a great asset to her company.

Kyle, Pharmacist, Qatar

Eve was the recruiter who contacted me and worked with me to obtain my current position in Qatar. She has been a pleasure to work with, always willing to answer questions, provide stellar advice, and represent me as her client. The decision to move from the US to the Middle East was huge for me, Eve helped walk me through every step of the process. I have recommended her to others and would do so in the future.

Denise, Executive Director, Qatar

Eve was particularly supportive and helpful with the recruitment process and transition I recently made to a job in the Middle East. She was always on hand to answer any questions and provide the information I required in order to make progress during the process, whilst also aiding me with completing all the relevant documentation to make my transition a smooth one. She provided a vitally important communication channel to the employer, which was a huge aid during the interview and acceptance process. I would highly recommend Eve in supporting recruitment and transition to the Middle East.

David, Sports Professional, Qatar

Extremely Impressed. My agent Laura was absolutely fabulous. In all honesty and speaking of the truth, I can only say if your wishing for someone to see you more than a file, allocate you to the potential best placements, and provide you not only a fantastic service, were your mind is at rest, but wished to be cared for by a company who actually care and provide nothing but a 7/5 star service, then look no further then Cavendish.

Sudph, Midwife, Abu Dhabi

Eve has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish in recruiting me for a position at the Sidra Medical and Research Centre. She is very professional and efficient in the way she works and has made the big move very easy. Everything was clearly explained every step of the way and was handled in a very proficient manner. I would highly recommend Eve as a recruitment consultant to anyone. Thanks again Eve!

Tahir, Technologist II, Qatar

Mark excels at what he does. He has helped me tremendously with the appointment to my new job. Mark has gone the extra mile for me throughout the process and has been very supportive. Mark is very dedicated to his role and has always been available for advice and support, regardless of the time of the day. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Mark as a dedicated recruiter, who always make the needs of the person he is helping out a priority.

Shareen, Matron, London

Eve helped me with my recent recruitment to Sidra Medical and Research Center in the Middle East. She was very knowledgeable about the process and supported me at every phase. From the application to the interview to the actual relocation. Eve answered all questions promptly and gave me all the information I required to make the transition. She has since followed up with me now that I'm in post to ensure everything is meeting my expectations. I would highly recommend Eve's services.

Justine, Senior Radiographer, Qatar

Laura is a knowledgeable, experienced, well organized recruiter. She was able to help me obtain a position at Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha. Her knowledge of the hospital, the region and overseas put me at ease through the process. She was always available to assist with any questions and was prompt with responses. Knowing the scope of recruitment that Laura is handling for Sidra I can say that I never felt like I was just a number! Laura always made time to speak with me, check in with me and guide me through the recruitment and relocation process. She is incredibly professional with strong business integrity. I would highly recommend Laura to any institution looking for a recruitment agency and to any job seekers out there!

Angela, Clinical Educator, Qatar

Mark advised me of a suitable post and communicated with me regularly and my new employer to ensure it was a smooth and easy process. Mark also acted at all times on my behalf and chased the HR department. Also Mark was very kind and wished me well for the interview and followed up afterwards, also even once in post to make sure all is well.

Philippa, Clinical Nurse Specialist, London

Eve has been an excellent professional throughout my recruitment process. She guided me through each step, liaised successfully with the employer to resolve a number of my concerns and followed up to ensure that I am happy with my new employment. And at the same time, she was very friendly, personable and quick to respond to emails and queries, even in weekends! I highly recommend Eve, she is an excellent recruitment consultant and a great person to work with.

Ioannis, Medical Physicist, Qatar

Eve contacted me regarding the position I now hold at Sidra. She was extremely professional, supportive and went well over and above the call of duty to assist in all matters with my relocation. She made what seemed like a daunting procedure a walk in the park and I cannot recommend herself or Cavendish highly enough. Fantastic service.

Richard, Supervisor, Qatar

Eve approached me to apply for a position at Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha, Qatar. She was very thorough in her knowledge of the company and the location and aided me through all of the recruitment processes with a high degree of professionalism. It was a pleasure to deal with Eve and highly recommend her service to any prospective clients.

Candice, Technologist II, Qatar

Eve was fantastic in my application for my midwifery post in Abu Dhabi, the process was made much easier with her knowledge and experience about the application procedure. She was professional and approachable. I actually referred two of my friends to her I was that impressed. I would definitely use eve and Cavendish again if I want to relocate from Abu Dhabi. Thanks Eve

Fiona, Midwife, Abu Dhabi

Eve gave me the opportunity to work in the Middle East. I have been in this position for the last 6 weeks and I am loving every minute of it. She set up lines of communication with the relevant people and helped me every single step of the way through the interview and application process. Eve is helpful, professional and highly experienced; I hope to continue working with her in the future.

Tessa, Radiographer, Qatar

I've just started a new position at Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha, Qatar for which Eve recruited me. Eve contacted me several months ago and we've been in close contact throughout all the process from the very first interview to the actual relocation from London. She has proven herself an excellent recruitment consultant and a pleasure to deal with. She made the whole process clear and easy to deal with. I won't hesitate in recommending her to any future clients. Thanks Eve!

Joana, Supervisor, Qatar

Eve was great to work with throughout the recruitment process that led to my job placement in Qatar. Despite the long process, her updates and provision of information was greatly appreciated.

David, Operations Manager, Qatar

Eve first contacted me several months ago about a position that was available in the GCC region. She was persistent to keep the process moving along, and extremely helpful in answering the questions I had about the region and the hospital. Everything that she relayed to me about the city that I live in is true. It's an amazing country and an amazing opportunity.

Matt, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Qatar

Eve recruited me in the beginning of March for a position at a word class medical facility that is going to open in Doha. It was a pleasure dealing with her every step of the way, from the time of arranging an interview to the moment I relocated, which was a complicated process with all the paper work involved. She facilitated a smooth transition into a foreign country and was always available to answer my questions even on weekends. Eve is professional and dedicated and i would not hesitate to recommend her, to any who is contemplating a similar career move.

Andrea, Technologist II, Qatar

I have had amazing communication and constant support and information. Also the next step has been anticipated especially to deal with awkward questions which are harder for an applicant to ask a potential employer. Professional at all times; thank you.

Philippa, Clinical Nurse Specialist, London

I was contacted by Eve about an amazing job opportunity overseas. I felt that I had her full support during the entire process, from the initial point of contact all the way through until I settled into my new job. She answered all of my questions with honesty and to the best of her ability, and if there was something she didn't know, she contacted appropriate personnel and got back to me very quickly. She made my transition virtually seamless and there were little to no surprises once I began my new job. I was very pleased with her professionalism, friendliness, punctuality, and overall general attitude.

Elicia, Technologist II, Qatar

Laura has made my transition to the Middle East very smooth. She has been very professional, detailed, and personable. I had many questions regarding the new position that she placed me in and she was very patient with me! She answered all my questions in a very timely fashion and her support was unending!!

Sharon, Clinical Nurse Manager, Qatar

Eve is an excellent Recruitment consultant, she was efficient and extremely professional with all her communication with me and my family. Providing us with all the necessary information and guiding us through the transition to the Middle East and making the process considerably easier than it could have been. I have no hesitation in recommending Eve's services to any future clients.

Allan, Education and Training Manager, Qatar

Eve helped to facilitate my move from the UK to a new job in Qatar and is extremely good at her job. I found that moving to Qatar was a difficult process, but Eve helped me along each step with great professionalism and punctuality. Eve has an easy going personality as was always available to talk on the phone when needed. I would highly recommend Eve as a recruitment consultant as her professionalism, knowledge of the recruitment process, and work ethic is second to none.

Kenny, Head of Football Physiology, Qatar

During my process of applying my job in Abu Dhabi, Eve was supportive, informative, helpful, and always answered any questions I had. I felt very secure in my move because I had a very professional recruiter. I am very happy with my decision to move to the UAE and it was guided by a very professional person. Thank you.

Cusi, Midwife, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is absolutely amazing. The best decision to move here. The Corniche is really welcoming and I'm enjoying meeting new people. Time flies in the big city. Thank you so much to Eve, she has assisted with helping with my move to Abu Dhabi. She has made the move a pleasant one. Definitely would recommend anyone wanting to move - do it! You will have no regrets.

Adele, Midwife, Abu Dhabi

I had the pleasure of being recruited by Mark for a healthcare position in Qatar. He is an extremely professional individual and demonstrated his dedication to his position through effective communication both during the working week and at weekends. He made my transition from Ireland to Qatar very easy by preparing me for the environment I was to transition into by supplying effective and realistic information. He lived up to his word at each stage of the recruitment process and everything promised in the contract was delivered. I would highly recommend Mark as a recruiter.

Caron, Clinical Nurse Manager, Qatar

Eve is a highly professional individual, with a helpful and approachable nature. She is very approachable, and provide accurate and useful information to her clients. I would highly recommend Eve's work to anyone interested in taking up a position as part of Cavendish.

Niclas, Technologist II, Qatar

Eve recruited me for a position at a prestigious hospital in the Middle East. She was very helpful throughout the entire process of application, interview & relocation, making the whole thing a lot quicker & easier than it would have been otherwise. She also took the time to follow up with me & ask for feedback once I had settled in my new job. Thanks Eve, you were a pleasure to deal with!

Brendan, Senior Radiographer, Qatar

I am delighted to provide a professional reference for Laura Liston. Laura initially reached out to me about possible international nursing leadership opportunities in Doha Qatar. I was excited to learn about the job opportunity, Sidra’s mission and vision, and the Middle Eastern culture. Laura’s expertise enabled her to provide accurate information flawlessly and with ease. Laura proved herself to be a proficient, committed, and intelligent throughout the process as she answered questions promptly, was readily available, and kept me well informed of the process. Her self-motivated and attentive style is what allowed me to move through the interview process, on boarding, and eventually relocating to Doha Qatar effortlessly. She is a brilliant professional and relentlessly demonstrates a commitment to the positions and institutions she recruits for. It is through her dedication, knowledge; skill and expertise that she made my dream to secure an international nursing leadership position a reality.

Shannon, Manager Birthing Suites, Qatar

Laura has been outstanding throughout the whole process of my move to Qatar. She contacted me about a post which was most relevant to my experience and skills, and provided me with very detailed and accurate information about the job, the employer, the project, the Qatari vision, and life in Doha and the Middle East. She facilitated all the paperwork with great efficiency and kept me updated throughout. She was always available to answer any queries and was always prepared to give a lot of her time away which was really appreciated. Laura also remained in contact after my move to check how things were going, and I've always felt that she genuinely cared about us. I can only thank Laura for presenting me this opportunity and helping me and my family with the move and the start of this new adventure. So far it's been everything we had hoped for!

Fred, Director of Early Intervention Therapy Services, Qatar

In early 2012 I approached Cavendish when I decided to look for a job in the Middle East. Eve became my agent and she helped me through the whole process. She was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. No query was ever too small and I always got a prompt response. When getting the necessary documents together I hit a few snags but Eve stepped in and somehow managed to get exactly what was needed really quickly. When Eve was away, Laura helped by staying in touch and keeping me informed. They are a great team at Cavendish. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to others looking to make the move.

Samantha, Head Midwife, Oman

Eve helped me to find work in the Middle East. She talked me through it every step of the way and was very knowledgeable and informative about what to expect when I got there.

Jamie, Staff Nurse, Dubai

I had a great experience working with Cavendish, working with different NHS hospitals in London. The encouragement and motivation makes me confident in dealing with tasks, training is highly recommended and hourly rate of pay is excellent. Cavendish are very approachable.

Jeffrey, Agency Nurse, London

I had been thinking of working in the Middle East for a while but the paper trail and application process was daunting and difficult. I then discovered Cavendish, their team were professional, thorough and diligent. Eve and Laura provided answers to any queries I had and their personal assistance made the entire process very straightforward. I thoroughly enjoy my new job, the work environment is exactly as i was assured and i would have no hesitation in referring any friends interested in working in the Middle East to Cavendish.

Sean, Senior Staff Nurse, Ireland (working in Qatar)

I was first contacted by Cavendish (Eve) in December regarding a job in a sports rehabilitation job in Doha, Qatar, I was then interviewed in January and started my first day on the job in August. The process from start to end being 9 months. Throughout the whole process the agency has been informative, courteous and supportive answering all questions promptly guiding me through each phase step by step. The process its self was a lengthy procedure that did require a lot more in the way of documentation, certification proof and identification than the average nursing job requires. Eve was excellent in assisting in all aspects of this process and even applied for various documents on my behalf when due to work commitments I was unable to do so myself. Now that I am living and working in Doha, I can see that everything takes a much slower pace, nothing is done instantly, things will be done eventually, and this does take a bit of adjusting too. That aside, the job is great, I have an excellent financial package and I believe waiting 9 months to get here was well worth it and I am thankful to Eve and Laura for their help and support throughout my transition from nursing in the UK to Doha, Qatar.

Clare, Staff Nurse, Qatar

I am enjoying the hospital (Aspetar), the ward, and all staff are lovely and very professional. I am also enjoying Qatar and Doha. It is a small but quiet country; here people have a very good quality of life. I am living in a compound with pool, gym, tennis court, spa, and a lot of facilities. All your help with the process and the travel to Qatar was precious. I am feeling happy in Qatar and with my new work. Thanks for everything.

Marina, Staff Nurse, Qatar

Hi Mark, I would just like to thank you for all your support since knowing you from May 2012. I can confirm that you are a man with great integrity, is extremely dedicated to your work and is entirely credited with experience. You have supported me throughout my application and interview for my present job, and at all times I have found you to be reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest with a very desired courteous manner. I am happy to recommend you to all my friends looking for a new job adventure.

Tracy, Midwife, London

Dear Patrick, I would like to thank you for all your help and professional support helping me find a position that is ideally suited to my requirements. A few years ago I went through the rigorous process of recruiting when looking for a job in UAE. I then experienced that obtaining working papers for that part of the world is a very long, complex and sometimes daunting journey. Thanks to you, the process of recruitment for Qatar for me was much easier. In addition, the salary package you have secured for me was exceptional. I also want to say thank you for your regular contact with me during my stay in Doha. It's a good feeling when you know that the agency is not only interested in placing you somewhere but also in how you have integrated into your new workplace. My experience in Qatar has been incredible. Doha is an interesting and dynamic city. The development is going in all directions and at astronomical speeds. My position as a CNM gave me an extremely professional satisfaction and has enriched my personality. One advantage is that the Middle East is geographically not far from Europe; only a couple of hours. In contrast, the differences in culture are very obvious and should not be ignored. Getting to know their great tradition and respect for their religion, has made my stay in the Middle East that much more enjoyable. What I have most appreciated is that I have worked amongst colleagues from all over the world. Mutually, we have enhanced each other’s professional experience.

Mima, Clinical Nurse Manager, Qatar

I am a Spanish nurse working as a senior scrub nurse in Doha. I have had previous experiences with other agencies when working in the Middle East and I am very happy to say that Cavendish's (Eve and Laura) have been fantastic, very supportive and helpful. This is hence, the only agency I would recommend to assist you in finding a job.

Cristina, Senior Scrub Nurse, Qatar

I can't speak highly enough of Eve and Laura for the support given to me not only during my application process but since I have started my new job here in Doha. Any emails I sent with worries I had or urgent questions were answered very promptly and in a professional but personal manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cavendish if you are looking for a new job in the Middle East. Hopefully Eve or Laura will also be your consultant.

Michael, Senior Registered Nurse, Qatar

Dear Eve and Laura, I would like to thank you both for your professional, kindness, efficiency and brilliant job that provided to me during the recruitments process. I am so glad to be in Aspetar and Qatar. Thanks again for all your help and support.

Ibrahim, Clinical Nurse Manager, Qatar

I would like to thank you Eve. I'm working as a midwife in Dubai, great job in a fantastic city. Thank you for your support, to follow me step by step in the entire process of my application. I'm happy here working as a midwife in the amazing city of Dubai. Thank you Eve!

Martina, Midwife, Dubai

I would like to thank Mark Anthony for his invaluable help and encouragement earlier this year. I was particularly impressed that he was able to quickly find numerous potential posts that were particularly suited to my level of experience. I feel very settled and happy in the post I went on to accept. I would recommend this recruitment service without hesitation. Thanks!

Melanie, Band 6 Critical Care, London

I am loving it here in Oman. It is such a beautiful country and we have a great lifestyle, beaches, deserts and mountains. All in all I am really happy with the move and we are planning to stay for a good few years. I was very happy with the service you provided. You were a great help and really efficient. Something you really appreciate a after a year in the ME!!

Karen, Midwife, Oman

I would like to thank Mark Anthony at Cavendish for his help and professionalism in finding me my new position. He was always at the end of the phone and kept me up-to-date at every step of the application, nothing was ever too much trouble. I would highly recommend Cavendish to anyone looking for a new position.

Fiona, Midwife, London

Many thanks for the excellent interview skills workshop that the team provided last week for senior health professionals. The specialist nurses and doctors who attended felt that the session guided them through the recruitment process and provided a wealth of tips and ideas for improving their chances of getting the right position in today's competitive market. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, the session was relaxed and informative and demonstrated that the team at Cavendish provide a first rate, personal recruitment service and genuinely have the candidate’s best interests at heart.

Madeleine Flanagan, Principal Lecturer, School of Postgraduate Medicine, University of Hertfordshire

I would like to thank Laura Liston for her hard work, i have joined with many agencies and i can honestly say i have not met anyone like Laura her approach was unique to the point and very efficient, Laura has exceeded my expectations with her organisation skills everything was on board, she has answered all my questions with depth, i felt i was taken care of and i was updated on a regular bases and you won’t get that with some agencies. Laura has done Cavendish proud and i would strongly recommend Cavendish for their efficiency, organisation, knowledge, personalised care and approach and much more. I would like to thank Laura and the Cavendish team for their support and making this journey to Abu Dhabi an exciting new start for me.

Btisam, Staff Nurse Medical, Abu Dhabi

Laura is extremely good doing her job. During the whole recruitment process she demonstrated a very high quality work, always very organized and with deep and detailed knowledge of the process. She has been very supportive and helpful.

Ines, NICU Speciality Nurse, Abu Dhabi

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to you and Cavendish, at all times i found you to be the utmost professional and always available at any moment, your dedication in providing me with the best opportunity and guiding me through the entire application and interview process was invaluable and ultimately provided me with the position that I wanted so much. I highly recommend Mark Anthony and Cavendish. Many thanks indeed.

Anthony, Anaesthetic Nurse, Manchester

I would like to thank you Laura Liston and her staff for their professionalism, kindness and efficiency. I am on the point to embark for a new opportunity in the UAE and everything has been made so much easier thanks to Laura Liston's support.

Jules, Charge Nurse, Al Ain, UAE

I want to say THANK YOU for your excellent service you gave me in the entire process of my application in Al Ain Hospital. Without your help I could not get this job. You fought for me to get this position I will be performing there. I will do my best I could to impress them so that Cavendish will not be ashamed for the candidates they are giving to their clients. I would highly recommend Cavendish to my nursing colleagues. Keep it up and more power to you all! Again, THANKS A MILLION!

Rolando, RGN, Al Ain, UAE

I think your service is great, very personalised and well organised. There was always continuity and I was never passed on to someone else.

Halima, RGN, Abu Dhabi

I would like to thank Cavendish and in particular Mark Anthony for all the help he gave me in finding a position in London. I hadn’t moved jobs for some time and this one was due to my husband finding a new position and thus a need to relocate. Mark kept me well informed about what was happening and worked hard on my behalf securing more than 1 interview. I would recommend Cavendish to everyone and would look to them should I need to move in the future.

Fiona, Theatre Nurse, London

I just wanted to express my gratitude and total satisfaction with the service I received from one of your consultants Mr Anthony Hughes. Mr Hughes secured me a job I’m pleased with within a short time. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a job. He is professional, compationate and his service was individualised in the sense that he took into consideration my unique personal circumstances.

Naledi, RGN, London

Finally- I am on my way to Abu Dhabi! Before I go I have to and wish to send you my heartfelt thanks for your help and effort in getting the paperwork right, for your emotional and practical support throughout this long journey. All of it was much appreciated and the celebratory chocs and champagne made it more special. So, thank you very much indeed for all you have done!!

Verena, Charge Midwife, Abu Dhabi

My role is going well. I would take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you did. I hope our paths cross again.

Jason, Deputy Manager, Cardiff

I was looking for a job that gave me time to care and enabled me to work in a small team as the quality was more important to me. I had the great fortune of Adrian Duffy find my CV amongst hundreds on the net and help me get my present job. He phoned me on his time off whilst travelling to meet his family to check my application was going OK. He notified me where the problems were and advised me on methods to speed up the process. In summary, he made this process simple and eased my transition from one job to another, thank-you.

Nicola, Permanent RGN, Southampton

Bhavna, I have just had one day at my new job, it has been great, Just to say thank you for all the time and effort you put in personally on my behalf, it was a long slog to get me in to post and I honestly think that I may not have made it without your hard work.

Stuart, Home Manager, Cheshire

I am writing to say a huge thanks personally to Bhavna Taylor for providing high quality assistance during my job searches. I could always relay on Bhavna's help at any time if I have any questions or concerns. Her advices, experience and support helped me a lot in preparation for my interview. As a result of our cooperation I was very pleased and I enjoyed the outcome. Thanks again for your help, support, and assistance.

Tanya, Permanent RGN, London

Bhavna, I was very impressed with your service, very helpful and you were there for me through every step to support me throughout securing my new role. Thank you Bhavna for all your hard work. I would definately recommend you to other people.

Xesh, Lead Nurse, Northamptonshire

Very helpful and receptive to our recruitment requirements and works hard to provide us with candidates for consideration.

Carole Barker, HR Officer, Alpha Hospitals

Can I also say how delighted I am with David and your company and hopefully we will be able to do business in the future.

Vanessa Lister, Theatre and Radiology Manager, Spire Hospital

From my point of view it is nice to deal with an agency who are friendly and approachable and who remember that we are in a working relationship that ultimately has us as being the customer. Many other agencies are abrupt and I have never had this experience with Cavendish. Due to the good relationship that I have with Anthony and yourself when I have a vacancy I call you guys first.

Amanda, HR Administrator, South of England

I would like to say about my experience with Cavendish has been wonderful and feel lucky that my CV was sent to you and that you were able to get me an interview. You have been very helpful and supportive, professional, providing me with relevant and adequate information from start to finish. Very pleased with the service I received, would recommend the company and for sure will be in contact if I require a new post in the future.

Baiyina, Permanent RMN, Surrey

What can I say! Well.. I would not be where I am now if it wasn't for Adrian at Cavandish. He helped me every step of the way, firstly finding me a job that suited my exact needs, professionally and personally. He helped me through the application process, promptly responding to all my e-mails as I was living in Australia at the time (even though there was 7 hours tome difference! Sorry if I got you out of bed Adrian! He did not complain LOL!) And most importantly he helped me prepare for my interview. I can't thank Adrian enough for his help - so heres a big THANKYOU

Alex, Permanent Recovery Practitioner, Manchester

Many thanks to Cavendish and in particular Mark Anthony for introducing me to the Spire Group of Hospitals and supporting me throughout the recruitment process through to my successful application for a position within Theatres at The Spire Hull. Mark was responsive to my requirements dealing with my questions and queries in a timely and at all times in a highly professional manner. I would recommend any one searching for a post to contact Mark and the team at Cavendish.

David, Permanent Theatre Scrub Practitioner, North East

Adrian was really helpful throughout the whole process. I was kept informed and updated and ended up in a great role I would have never imagined myself doing.

Anna, Permanent Clinical Pharmacist, Hampshire

From the job application to the phone call offering me the position, the support received from Cavendish was excellent. Mark Anthony kept in touch regularly with updates on the interview date and selection process. The service and support from Mark was second to none. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark and the team for their help and support in making what can be a stressful process easy and stress free. I have already recommended Cavendish to friends who are looking for new positions. Thanks again for all your help.

Nicola, Permanent RGN position, Manchester

What has really impressed me is the way Cavendish has looked after me. Mark, the consultant dealing with my application, has regularly phoned and emailed me keeping me posted on all new developments. Many other recruitment agencies are very good at selling their name but they fail when it comes to assist their customers throughout the application process. On the other hand Cavendish is very professional and its consultants truly care about their customers.

Nicola, Permanent Pharmacist, London

Cavendish assisted me in finding a new position perfectly suited to my requirements in every way. They were informative, helpful and supportive in every way, from arranging the interview to discussing terms and contractual issues and even followed up by contacting personally once I was in post in my new position to ensure I was happy with everything. I would fully recommend their services and have totally appreciated all the help and support they have given me.

Michelle, Permanent Care Home Manager, Swindon

We have been working with Cavendish, in particular Mark Anthony and Adrian Duffy for just under a year. They provide us with an excellent service, taking time in selecting high calibre candidates suitable for our unique organisation. I would highly recommend this agency.

Seema Sedha, Human Resource Officer, King Edward VII 's Hospital Sister Agnes

Cavendish is staffed by skilled and dedicated people, always striving to make a difference in their workers' lives by gainful engagements.

Ramat, Agency RMN, London

Cavendish was the first agency I contacted when coming to the UK, they were fantastic in helping me find employment in record time. They provide all the mandatory training you need and provided assistance when needed. The shifts are readily available making it easy to work as many hours as you need. The staff are a friendly team always available for questions and assistance and it made, my adjustment to UK life so much easier. I will always be grateful for the opportunity of working with Cavendish.

Venetia Spencer-Smith, Agency RGN, London

We have worked with Cavendish for the recruitment of RGN’s and RMN’s for our homes in the North East. We have found Cavendish engaged, proactive and highly responsive in supporting our recruitment drive which has resulted in the recruitment of several experienced nurses to support the continuous improvement in our homes

K Wilson, Interim HR Manager, Southern Cross Healthcare

You personally were a great help and I won’t hesitate to contact you again if I need to move jobs in the future.

Sophie, Permanent Theatres position, Dubai

I was searching for a job in an outpatient department. I was contacted by Mark from Cavendish after he had found my CV online. From there the whole process was very simple and uncomplicated thanks to Cavendish. After a few emails and phone calls with Mark an interview for a suitable position was arranged for me in which I was successful. I now have a permanent position in consulting rooms as a senior staff nurse. In all my correspondence with Cavendish the staff have all been very helpful, friendly and professional. I especially appreciated the effort that Mark made to answer all my calls and emails promptly and the continued support that I have been offered. I would recommend any nurse seeking employment to contact a member of Cavendish to find a suitable job for them.

Helena, Permanent RGN position, Central London

Thank you for all your help in finding me employment. Everything has gone so smoothly from applying for the vacancy, being interviewed and starting work. Even when i started work it was good to know that there was help on hand if i needed it. Thank you again, I would certainly recommend Cavendish to friends

Sylvia, Permanent RGN position, Tyne and Wear

Great agency, I can highly recommend, benefit - quick payment for shifts

Monika, Agency RGN, London

I find the staff at Cavendish very friendly and are always helpful. It really feels like the agency is working as a team to help you

Maeve, Agency RGN, London

I have worked for Cavendish Nursing Agency for more than a year now and have had continuous placements throughout. I have always been paid on time and have had friendly and professional support from the office staff. It was a very good decision to join Cavendish

Ursula, Agency RGN, London

It was great working for Cavendish, I was made part of the family and was very well looked after. Cavendish is a wonderful agency to work for and the staff were very kind and understanding. Thank you very much

Cherie Anderson, Agency RGN, London

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