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  • Job reference: BBBH4054
  • Location: Qatar
  • Salary: Attractive Package
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Job type: Permanent

We are working in partnership with the Sidra Medicine. Our client is an ultramodern, all-digital academic medical centre specialising in the provision of care for women and children. Based in Qatar, our client will focus on world-class patient care, medical education and biomedical research.

We are recruiting for an Embryologist

Cavendish will be hosting interview days on behalf of our client. Upon enquiring, your dedicated consultant will brief you on the process, the organisation, Qatar and outline the next steps.

Job Summary:

The Clinical Embryologist at Sidra Medical and Research Center specializes in performing diagnostic services and therapeutic embryological procedures, such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF). The Clinical Embryologist is also responsible for processing, storing and fertilisation of eggs collected from patients. The Clinical Embryologist communicates with the patients and couple on specific treatment options regarding fertility and involved in research in infertility solutions and collaborates with other medical, nursing and allied health staff in performing required duties.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provides IVF service that is sensitive and adaptable to the needs of the individual client, couple and family before, during and after treatment, taking into account physical health and abilities, form of involvement in assisted conception, stages of investigation and treatment and other sources of support
  • Collects eggs and sperm (gametes) from patients for processing
  • Maintains viability of gametes, tissues and embryos during processing
  • Conducts micromanipulation and testing of suitability of each gametes
  • Prepares gametes and the environment for IVF and facilitation of fertilization
  • Uses assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to help with infertility
  • Conducts Embryo Biopsy and PGD
  • Conducts embryo transfers and cryopreservation of Emrbyos and Oocytes.
  • Conducts Sperm preparation for IUI and ICSI
  • Checks, caliberates and maintains equipments in IVF lab. - Quality control procedures &Quality Assurance.
  • Manages and maintains sample preparation after microsurgerial aspiration TESA,TESE &PESA
  • Preserves gametes and embryos for future use as required for the patient/couple.
  • Maintains accurate log of counselling referrals and other case related statistics.
  • Complies client records and maintain on-going case notes as necessary
  • Performs laboratory tests and procedures in all sections/sections assigned such as Chemistry, Hormones, Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Bacteriology and Virology as required.
  • Maintains and develops specialist knowledge and skills through (i) a programme of continuous professional development [CPD] and training (ii) engage with continuing professional supervision separate form management and (iii) regular review of current research, legislation, policy-making and other activity relevant to the specific patient/client group.
  • Exercises autonomous professional responsibility for assessment of and provision for the counselling needs of patients / clients referred to the service.
  • Receives highly complex, sensitive, distressing or contentious information, taking into account confidentiality whilst maintaining client and /or public safety.
  • Promotes and maintains good working relationships with other professionals, groups, organisations and agencies in order to further patients' / clients' support and counselling needs and refer on as necessary for other specialist help

Essential Requirements:

  • Bachelor's in Medical Analysis, Embryology, Medical Technology,Biotechnology or related field.
  • 5+ years of experience handling Clinical Embryology and IVF treatments.
  • Valid Licence in relevant field in country of origin
  • Eligiblity to be licenced in Qatar
  • Excellent understanding of human reproductive biology, embryology, infertility and ART
  • Strong knowledge of, and complying with, quality control, ethical issues and regulations surrounding gamete and embryo handling
  • Care and maintenance of IVF laboratory and equipments
  • Cryopreservation and invitro Hormone Analysis.

Benefits- Highly competitive package including a Tax free salary + benefits. Full details of the package will be discussed directly.

Please note the targeted start date for the position is dependent on the current timeline for the project. Likewise, the processing of licensing (if applicable)/ visas etc. also need to be considered.

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