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Living and working abroad can be very different to any previous experience you may have had. You’re likely to be hugely excited about the opportunity – but undoubtedly a little anxious too.

Many members of the Cavendish Professionals team have made international moves themselves. So we understand all the practicalities and emotions that are involved in embarking on employment in another country. We pride ourselves on bringing a greatly appreciated human touch to the already exceptional level of personal support we offer to individuals and families needing to mobilise overseas.

We don’t simply fill vacancies; we facilitate the setting up of new lives too. Making an international career move is a fantastic opportunity – perhaps it’s a dream come true. But it’s bound to involve a considerable amount of paperwork, and maybe a degree of culture shock too. That’s why we continue to work closely with you, even after we’ve found the right role for you – to help you take everything in your stride...

Cavendish Professionals specialises in placing healthcare and technical professionals globally, with a particular focus on the UK and the Middle East.

Our consultants have plenty of international experience and are all well travelled, making regular visits to our clients in the respective locations we recruit for. Many of us are bilingual and have first-hand experience of the opportunities and challenges you’re personally likely to experience. So we have an intimate understanding of the questions you may have.

We’ll always be on hand to equip you with all the logistical advice and support you need, all delivered with unwavering attention to detail. Irrespective of the level of position or country you are moving to, we can help you with:
  • Cultural understanding – awareness of local etiquette, customs and traditions;
  • Location-specification information – we can tell you the best places to live, visit, eat, what to do on your days off, etc;
  • Putting you in touch with placed candidates – so you can immediately connect with networks of expats going through the same experiences as you;
  • Professional licensing – the collection and presentation of any applicable documents to respective authorities or professional organisations;
  • Visa application – managing the attestation of documents for yourself and/or your family where possible, as well as offering advice on how to complete the paperwork;
  • Securing accommodation – putting you in touch with trusted agents and giving referrals to reputable organisations;
  • Schooling for children – if you’re moving your family, we can offer advice on who to contact, plus how and when to make applications for school places;
  • Transportation of goods and relocation of pets – we can provide recommendations for when you should organise this and who to contact.
No question or query is too small or trivial for us. We’re confident we’ll be able to help. All you have to do is ask – by phone, email or even in person.

Whether you’re simply starting to think about an international job opportunity or are just a couple of weeks away from the big move, our experts can offer invaluable expertise on all aspects of living and working abroad.

Got a question? Just get in touch – we’ll be happy to hear from you...
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