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Cavendish Professionals' Overview of the Heathrow Business Summit 2015

Cavendish Professionals had the opportunity to attend the Heathrow Business Summit at the Park Inn Hotel yesterday. 

The focus? Introducing local businesses to the Heathrow supply chain and giving them the opportunity to benefit from the expansion projects that have been a central issue in the media for the last few years. 

With over 40 businesses in attendance and a good mix of Construction, Engineering, IT and Facilities Management companies, it was an excellent opportunity for exploring opportunities and meeting with key members of the procurement teams – those elusive men and women that can rarely be reached by email or phone. 

By 9am you could feel a real buzz in the crowd and everyone seemed very positive about the opportunities available to their businesses if the new runway is given the go-ahead. However, over the course of the day it became clear that despite the uncertainty over the new runway, many opportunities still exist within construction and FM. Additionally, many people are of the opinion that regardless of whether the expansion is approved, they still have an interest in Heathrow continuing to run smoothly and provide great service to its customers.

Competition with other cities was also at the forefront of discussion; the expansion of a major London airport is necessary for us to be able to compete with other global cities. Throw in HS2, Thames Tideway and Crossrail 2 and there is a real possibility that we are about to witness some major changes to our surrounding infrastructure. Amid the enthusiasm one question loomed large: can we really supply the technical talent needed to deliver on these projects? 

One of the things we identified when speaking to clients was that as talent shortages continue, key areas such as MEP, Project Management and Design based positions are still hard to fill. Baggage handling engineers, or lack thereof, were also a big talking point across the board! 

All in all, it was a great day. We expanded our growing network of associates and continue to look forward to working with new clients, ensuring that we find candidates that are a perfect fit for their roles.

Cavendish Professionals has years of experience in helping companies find the talent required to deliver and maintain huge infrastructure/building projects in the Middle East and right here in the UK. If you are a Technical professional interested in working with us, you can register your details with us or apply to our open roles here.
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