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Health and Strategy: Dubai's Plan for a Revamped Healthcare System

Last week His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the new 5 year strategy for streamlining Dubai’s Healthcare system at a meeting in the Executive Office in Dubai. 

The new policy is a direct response from the Emir of Dubai to the increased demand for improvements to healthcare in the emirate. It is also an ambitious bid to establish Dubai as a medical hub both in the UAE and in surrounding countries within the Gulf. 

The initiative will also aim to build strategic relationships between the public and private medical sectors within Dubai, which will further cement its position as a capital for medical tourism over the coming years. 

Drafted by some 11,000 employees at the Dubai Health Authority, the strategy outlines four main approaches to the overhaul, alongside six objectives, 15 programmes and 93 initiatives, to achieve the leap required over the next five years. The four approaches include health and lifestyle, excellence in providing service, smart health care, and governance.

Strategy Objectives:

  • Ensuring a healthy and safe environment for the people of Dubai
  • The provision of a high quality comprehensive and integrated health service system
  • Achieving innovation
  • Improving efficiency in providing health care
  • Creating an integrated database to be used for smart government policy in taking decisions
  • Creating an effective ecological system for the health-care sector in Dubai in collaboration with the private and public sectors
  • Restructuring of the Dubai Health Authorities’ administration.

In addition, the scheme’s programmes and goals take into consideration Dubai’s global position as a prosperous and growing metropolis, as well as it’s aspirations to be a city that has a happy and healthy populous. These goals will be achieved through research and medical institutions that are using the most advanced technologies and smart applications to further medical development within Dubai. 

Shaikh Mohammad also reaffirmed the importance of achieving the highest international standards and providing the best quality medical care to patients with chronic diseases; with regular check-ups and an ethos of early detection as the desired end result. 

The scheme places a great deal of importance on medical research and training, with the cure and sustainable treatment of rare and incurable diseases at the top of the agenda. This feeds directly into the objective set down by Shaikh Mohammed that the improvements to the Dubai Health Authority should increase patient satisfaction and protect their rights at all times. 

What are your thoughts on Dubai's healthcare plan? Leave a comment below!
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