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Download your Cavendish Professional timesheet at any time by clicking on the tab below. Please ensure you have your timesheet signed by an authorised representative and then submit it to our payroll department at the end of the week.

To ensure you are paid on time we recommend that you scan, take a picture and then email it to the accounts department - 


Please note that you do not need to submit a hard copy timesheet if you have emailed us. Do however retain your original until you have been paid so you can check the hours are correct. 

Remember to complete all the following when submitting your timesheet

- Have you completed your name, client name and contact
- Have you added the full date details
- The 'total hours worked' detail box is the same as the numeric total figures box

Should you need to update your bank details please contact a member of the accounts team on 020 3008 5210 or send an email to


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