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Top Tips for writing a cover letter

Make it easy to read

Regardless of how compelling your story is, or how well written the letter is – you want the cover letter to be as attractive as possible.

  • Font: Choose one of our recommended resume fonts. Don’t set the font size below 12 points. Remember, business letters should look conservative in general.
  • Margins: Set your cover letter’s margins to 1” or 1.5”. Depending on how long or short your cover letter is, you should play with the margins. Make sure your cover letter looks filled out, but also not overly stuffed with words.

Keep a cover letter to a single page

It is easy to get carried away with telling your story, but think about how many stories the hiring manager has read! Keep the cover letter to one page and ensure you don’t fill it all. Keeping it between 300 – 500 words shows the hiring manager that you are concise, and it also cuts out any unnecessary rambling that could otherwise cost you the job.

Write unique cover letters for each company

Every company has a unique problem they’re trying to solve through hiring. Even if you’re sending out several applications for the same position, tailor your cover letters to individually address each company’s problems. Don’t just explain that you’re competent at your job — demonstrate your awareness of the company’s goals, and how you can help achieve them. By doing so, your cover letter will be far more compelling, and frame you as a thoughtful and engaging candidate.