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    5 Mistakes People Make When Applying for a Job

    There are a few common mistakes that people make when looking for their dream job. Our consultants have highlighted a few of them below along with some advice, which should help guide you during your next recruitment process.

    1. Applying for jobs that are not relevant to their experience. 

    It’s important to read the job requirements in detail. You may have plenty of experience, but if it doesn’t match the requirements of the company, your application is likely to result in a rejection letter.

    2. Being solely financially motivated and only considering jobs that pay the highest salaries.

    Even though earning a high salary is always appealing, it should not be your only concern! A job that offers good career progression and a pleasant working environment is also very important.

    3. Sending your CV to a number of recruitment companies.

    No matter how much a recruiter would like to help you land your dream job, if another firm has submitted your CV first, then they are the only ones able to represent you.

    4. Not researching the position they are applying for well enough.

    If you’d like to apply for a new position that you haven’t previously held, make sure to research it well before applying for it. This will help you to avoid any awkwardness during the interview stages.

    5. Being unavailable for the next steps in the recruitment process. 

    Sometimes clients will want to schedule interviews ASAP for urgent roles. We have had cases where the candidate was out of town or not be able to take time off from work for interviews, which then caused delays and/or inconvenienced all parties involved. It is best to check your schedule before you apply, so you can be sure of your availability.