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    Connecting for Change

    People are at the heart of our business. We understand to make changes it requires people to come together with an unified voice.

    At Cavendish Professionals we make it our mission to provide a platform to make a change. We seek to make positive impacts within the industries we operate. Discover how we work to support our industry, our people and ways we are building communities for change.


    lives lost every day in construction industry due to suicide

    1 in 4

    people experience mental health problems in their lifetime

    Only 19%

    of the people working in UK tech are female


    Charities are being supported throughout the year


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    • people

      Tech Insights Podcast – Getting into the Industry

      In this month’s Tech Insights Podcast, Head of Technology, Adrian Duffy was joined by Jabrayil Abdinbayov a SRE Intern at UBS. We met Jabryail at our Techie Space event last year and wanted to get into the reasons behind why he chose to join the technology industry and any advice he would give to those aspiring to join. Join [...]
    • communities

      Women of The Future: Is Tech on Their Radar?

      Last week, Techie Space in Krakow was filled with enthusiasm and empowerment as we hosted a special event about Women in Tech. The event brought together a diverse group of individuals passionate about advancing gender diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. The message for the event was simple. How do we ensure that the [...]
    • innovation

      Future Plans:

      The Future of Women into Construction: What Lies Ahead In a recent interview with the founder of Women into Construction, we delved into the future of the organisation and the role it plays in shaping the industry. The founder, a visionary and a role model herself, shared her insights on the importance of visibility, the [...]
    • people

      Women in Construction – The Keys to the Future

      Women in Construction - Keys to The Future We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Annie May, a young and driven female apprentice working for a prominent construction company BAM Nuttall, to discuss her journey, challenges, and victories. However, a career in construction wasn't on Annie May's radar, not until a school careers [...]
    • innovation

      Challenges and Solutions: Overcoming Challenges to Build a Diverse Industry

      Challenges and Solutions: Overcoming Challenges and Building a Diverse Industry Continuing our Innovation Series with Founder of Women Into Construction, Kath Moore this week we explored the challenges and solutions that she has and in some instances still encounters in the quest to make construction a more inclusive industry. From initial scepticism to a growing [...]
    • innovation

      Partnership and Collaboration: Building Bridges for Collective Goals

      Partnership and Collaboration: Building Bridges to Diversify To continue our interview series with the beacon of light Kath Moore, founder of Women Into Construction, who is championing change in an industry often resistant to it. In this exclusive interview, Kath shares her insights on the importance of partnerships and collaborations in promoting diversity in construction. [...]
    • innovation

      Impact and Success: Real Work, Real Impact for Women in Construction

      The Remarkable Impact and Success of the Women into Construction Organisation In the traditionally male-dominated field of construction, breaking through gender barriers has long been a challenge. However, the Women into Construction organisation has emerged as a beacon of change, making strides in empowering women and fostering diversity within the industry. Through ongoing individual success [...]
    • innovation

      Programs and Initiatives: Empowering Women into the Industry

      Women into Construction Programs and Initiatives: Empowering Women into the Industry In a candid interview with the founder of Women into Construction, the organisation's ongoing commitment to diversifying the construction industry was highlighted. The conversation shed light on the various programs and initiatives designed to break gender stereotypes and pave the way for women in [...]