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    Talent is any organisation’s greatest asset; people cannot be replicated. We believe that providing an environment that supports staff empowerment through training and upskilling, not just with our internal staff but for our on-site workers. Encouragement to aid people to reach their potential needs to be advocated.

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      Sickle Cell Society

      We had the pleasure of talking to John James, CEO of the Sickle Cell Society, in order to learn more about what sickle cell disease is as well as the effects it can have on someone with sickle cell on a daily basis. Furthermore we had the opportunity to explore the ways in which the [...]
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      Construction in Focus

      Last year, we sat down with members of our construction division to discuss a number of topics relating to the construction industry, recruitment, and our team's approach and objective when delivering the best service possible. For that reason, in this series, "Construction in Focus", our construction division will be able to answer and explore the [...]
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      Repton Boxing

      Repton Boxing There's plenty of evidence that taking part in physical activity can have a profound and positive impact on mental wellbeing. Being physically active can improve mood, decrease the chance of depression and anxiety and lead to a better and more balanced lifestyle. Boxing Bootcamp At Cavendish Professionals, we make mental health a well-being a [...]
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      Face-fit Training at Cavendish Professionals

      At Cavendish Professionals, employee investment is extremely important to us. Staff development and encouragement does not only improve working capabilities, but it also allows a higher level of performance, advancing both experience and confidence. Fostering an environment of creativity, collaboration and empowerment leaves a level of accomplishment throughout our entire organisation. Recently, our Labour Manager, [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Avtar Gill

      We would like to introduce Avtar Gill, an Addictions Counsellor, who is taking part in our Stress Awareness Series. Avtar Gill will be covering how to manage stress over the course of this series, as well as which changes could be made in the workplace to better address high levels of stress. If you, or [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Avtar Gill Part 2

      How do these causes of stress typically impact an individual’s life? Unchecked stress can lead to a variety of disorders, both psychologically and physically, which is an important truth to keep in mind at all times. This can also be manifested in creating increased tension in relationships, be it either professional and personal. Alternatively, increased [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Avtar Gill Part 3

      In your opinion how do you think the stigma around seeking a counsellor/therapist can be reduced? I believe we have already made some progress in this area, especially when it concerns men or members of ethnic minority communities. In my professional life, I have seen a number of agencies spring up targeting the harder to [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Sabrina Khan Part 2

      How do these causes of stress typically impact an individual’s life? The symptoms of stress are unique for each person, however, over time, there are some patterns and similarities in cases. Most people develop unhealthy coping mechanisms as there is not always the support around them or someone to confide in about how they feel. [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Sabrina Khan Part 3

      In your opinion how do you think the stigma around seeking a counsellor/therapist can be reduced? Personally, I think that the main priority should be raising awareness and normalising the seeking of support and self-care. In my opinion, I feel everyone should have access to counselling much earlier on in their personal lives. Therefore, they [...]
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      WALK, RUN, TALK Cavendish Professionals are proud to announce that we will be launching a new company-wide initiative: WALK RUN TALK. As a company, we want to shine a spotlight on the benefits of movement. Raising awareness of the importance of physical activity for your mental health. So, we want to get moving this April! We [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Sabrina Khan Part 1

      Being Stress Aware April 1st saw the beginning of Stress Awareness Month, last week, we mentioned that we have the opportunity to speak with qualified counsellors. who will highlight what stress is, and how we can identify it. Coping techniques that can be used and how we can help each other to manage it. We [...]