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    Talent is any organisation’s greatest asset; people cannot be replicated. We believe that providing an environment that supports staff empowerment through training and upskilling, not just with our internal staff but for our on-site workers. Encouragement to aid people to reach their potential needs to be advocated.

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      Code Europe – Broadening perspective at the biggest tech event in Poland

      What is Code Europe? Code Europe - is one of the biggest tech events in Poland hosted annually. It attracts top-notch professionals, developers, and tech enthusiasts under one roof for a couple of days. This event gathers ideas and innovations, featuring a diverse lineup of speakers from leading global tech giants and local startups. Participants [...]
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      Cavendish Professionals Golf Day 2024

      At Cavendish Professionals, we firmly believe in the power of fostering connections, both professionally and personally. That's why our annual golf day, held at the picturesque Hadley Wood Golf Club this April, was more than just a day on the green—it was an opportunity to bring our clients and partners together for a memorable day [...]
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      Tech Insights Podcast – Getting into the Industry

      In this month’s Tech Insights Podcast, Head of Technology, Adrian Duffy was joined by Jabrayil Abdinbayov a SRE Intern at UBS. We met Jabryail at our Techie Space event last year and wanted to get into the reasons behind why he chose to join the technology industry and any advice he would give to those aspiring to join. Join [...]
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      Women in Construction – The Keys to the Future

      Women in Construction - Keys to The Future We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Annie May, a young and driven female apprentice working for a prominent construction company BAM Nuttall, to discuss her journey, challenges, and victories. However, a career in construction wasn't on Annie May's radar, not until a school careers [...]
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      Tech Insights Podcast – Mastering the art of remote Interviews

      In the era of digital connectivity, remote interviews have become a staple in the hiring process, offering convenience and efficiency for both employers and candidates. However, like any technological advancement, these interviews come with their own set of advantages and challenges. Technology recruitment consultant, Klaudia Dudek sat down with Istvan Kardkovacs, professional C# Software Developer [...]
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      Supporting Women into Construction

      Cavendish Professionals Joining Women into Construction Charity In an industry that has historically been perceived as a male-dominated domain, we can see the construction landscape slowly changing. As we progress into a new era, the paradigm is shifting, and the role of women in construction is gaining recognition. As a construction recruitment agency with decades [...]
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      Tech Insights Podcast – The Importance of wellbeing when working remotely

      In a world increasingly dominated by remote work, the need for physical movement has never been more critical. Michal, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Cavendish Professionals, and Adina, Senior .NET Fullstack Developer, recently sat down for a video interview to discuss the importance of incorporating movement into the remote work lifestyle. Their conversation touched on various aspects, from [...]
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      Cavendish Professionals CSR in 2023

      Cavendish Professionals CSR in 2023 2023 has been an extremely successful year at Cavendish Professionals. Not only have we expanded on a positive work environment for our employee’s, but we have also had the privilege of supporting a number of charities and organisations close to us. Having a CSR Strategy at the heart of the [...]
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      Investors In People Silver Award Accreditation

      In the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, recognition is a testament to a company’s commitment to excellence. We proudly announce our achievement of the Investors in People (IIP) Silver Accreditation, a significant milestone that underscores our dedication to fostering a workplace culture of continuous improvement. What is the significance of IIP Silver Accreditation Investors in [...]
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      Prioritising Mental and Physical Wellbeing at Cavendish Professionals

      Prioritising Mental and Physical Wellbeing Often within the recruitment industry, it can be easy for organisations to become complacent, fostering an attitude of all work and no play, however, that is not the case at Cavendish Professionals. We believe in the power of sport and in taking a break to reflect on the big and [...]
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      Sporting Dedication at Cavendish Professionals

      Cavendish Professionals Sporting Dedication Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) runs deep, and we're thrilled to share a remarkable story that falls under the "People Pillar". Three dedicated members of our staff recently participated in not one but two half marathons. What makes this achievement truly special is that it wasn't done for charity; [...]
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      Sickle Cell Society

      We had the pleasure of talking to John James, CEO of the Sickle Cell Society, in order to learn more about what sickle cell disease is as well as the effects it can have on someone with sickle cell on a daily basis. Furthermore we had the opportunity to explore the ways in which the [...]