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    Prioritising Mental and Physical Wellbeing at Cavendish Professionals

    Prioritising Mental and Physical Wellbeing

    Often within the recruitment industry, it can be easy for organisations to become complacent, fostering an attitude of all work and no play, however, that is not the case at Cavendish Professionals. We believe in the power of sport and in taking a break to reflect on the big and small wins that the team achieves throughout each week. A number of the team headed to Hyde Park to engage in a friendly football match after work. We strive to provide a work environment that places our employee’s mental and physical health at the core of what we do.

    The team out playing a game of football in Hyde park
    The team out playing a game of football in Hyde park, the sun setting

    In addition to the prioritization of the mental and physical well-being of our internal staff, our team has championed a number of initiatives to promote wellbeing throughout the technology and construction sectors. Run, Walk, Talk, raised awareness of the benefits of looking after ourselves. Allowing time to take care of our emotional and physical wellbeing. We developed a program where people could come for a walk, run, and maybe even talk. Find out more here.