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    Women in Construction – The Keys to the Future

    Women in Construction – Keys to The Future

    We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Annie May, a young and driven female apprentice working for a prominent construction company BAM Nuttall, to discuss her journey, challenges, and victories.

    However, a career in construction wasn’t on Annie May’s radar, not until a school careers day when a female navy engineer walked into Annie May’s school and spoke to her year group about her life working in the industry, from that day onwards Annie May’s interest in the construction and engineering industry was piqued.

    Despite the industry’s reputation as a male stronghold, she never let that deter her. Annie May’s determination led her to secure an apprenticeship with a leading construction firm.

    Now, as she progresses through her apprenticeship, Annie May discusses in her interview “I want to show other young women that this is a viable career option for them,” she emphasises. “We bring unique strengths and perspectives to the table, and the industry is better for it.”

    Watch Annie May’s interview celebrating how women can enter the construction industry and potentially using an apprenticeship scheme might be the way to experience the varied roles available in the industry.


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