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    Creating communities provides an environment for connections, exchanges, and growth.
    It is important for us at Cavendish Professionals to improving the people and industries we work in from supporting educational institutions; by opening our doors at head office and offering young people the ability to gain work experience, to organising events that promote health and wellbeing.

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      Preparing Students for the World of Work at Friern Barnet School

      Introduction On the 19th May 2023, Adrian Duffy (Head of Software Development) at Cavendish Professionals gave a special presentation and workshop to a Year 10 Class at Friern Barnet School. The aim was to help prepare students for life outside of school. The sessions discussed and explored how to plan for interviews not only for [...]
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      Cavendish Professionals and Construction Sport

      In the construction industry, there are a variety of pressures that can take their toll, from tight contracts and long hours, to time away from loved-ones and budget management, plus the added stresses that have accrued since the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising costs of supplies. We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with [...]
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      Cavendish Professionals 2023 Charity Football Day

      Cavendish Professionals charity football day Cavendish Professionals held a charity football event on Thursday 23 February at Powerleague. The event was a great success, with 12 companies coming together to compete in a football tournament and raise money for a worthy cause. The charity football day aimed to raise money and awareness for Construction Sport, [...]
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      Cavendish Professionals supports the Construction Industry in 2022

      Cavendish Professionals supports the Construction Industry in 2022 Over the years our Construction division has grown considerably and are suppling more recruitment solutions to a growing client base, but this is only part of the story. Cavendish have been busy throughout the year, making a positive impact in the industries and communities around them. CSR [...]
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      Cavendish Professionals 2022 Charity Golf Day

      As we look back on our first charity golf day, held on Friday 20th May at Ealing Golf Club, we want to thank all of those who attended and made it such a great success. Cavendish Charity Golf Day On 20th May 2022, we organized a charity golf day to raise money and awareness for [...]
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      Charity Golf Day – Construction Sport

      It is two days until our Charity golf day kicks off. Yesterday we highlighted one of the charities we are supporting Lighthouse Club today we would like to shed light on Construction Sport. Construction Sport founder Stephen Kerslake, uses the power of sport to tackle mental health within the construction industry. “As a company, Cavendish Professionals believe [...]
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      WALK, RUN, TALK Cavendish Professionals are proud to announce that we will be launching a new company-wide initiative: WALK RUN TALK. As a company, we want to shine a spotlight on the benefits of movement. Raising awareness of the importance of physical activity for your mental health. So, we want to get moving this April! We [...]
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      The Lighthouse Club – Construction Industry Charity

      Why we support The Lighthouse Club It is only 3 days before we tee off for our golf Charity Day. One of our chosen charities for this event is The Lighthouse Club – The Construction Industry Charity. Approximately 1-2 construction workers commit suicide every day. The industry is trying hard to reduce those concerning numbers. [...]