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    Cavendish Professionals Supporting The Lighthouse Construction Charity

    The Lighthouse Club: Shining a Light in Dark Times

    Founded in 1956, The Lighthouse Club, is a remarkable charity that was set up to support those who work within the construction industry. Founded on the principles of support, charity, and care, they’ve been instrumental in providing financial and emotional assistance to those in need. This charity has been a beacon of hope for many within this industry. Whether it’s financial support during times of crisis or mental health resources, the Lighthouse Club is always there to lend a helping hand.

    In 2021 we took the decision to partner with The Lighthouse Club, to support and advocate the amazing work that they do within the industry we operate. Through charity and sporting events, we have been able to support the charity, to increase the awareness of not only their campaigns but also their service offering within the construction industry. Through awareness campaigns, working with our own operatives, and sporting events we have been able to provide exposure to the services that the  Lighthouse Club offers, directly to everyone throughout the construction industry. We were also able to support them in raising awareness for their campaign ‘Help inside the Hard Hat’. This campaign aims to spread the word about the services and support available through this charity to those working on the ground onsite.

    Swinging into Action: Charity Golfing Events

    Over the past two years, we have hosted and attended several charity golfing events in support of The Lighthouse Club. We were thrilled to be part of the Annual Construction Cup held at the prestigious London Club in Kent. The Lighthouse Club’s golfing event was not just an opportunity to perfect swings but a chance to contribute to a meaningful cause. The event brought organisations together that have one mission, to keep the welfare of those working within the industry at the forefront of any construction project. Organisations were able to discuss and talk about the importance of coming together to make changes in the industry.

    Celebrating the Success

    These golfing events have brought together golf enthusiasts, industry professionals, and supporters of the Lighthouse Club for days filled with camaraderie, networking, and most importantly, fundraising. The funds raised during these events will go a long way in providing much-needed support to those in the construction industry facing challenges.

    Cavendish Professionals team and clients at a golf course
    Aerial shot of Cavendish Professionals Golf Day

    A Big Thank You

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lighthouse Club Construction Charity and all the participants, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who have attended our events over the past two years. It is proof that the power of the construction community can come together and make such a difference.

    Stay Connected

    Although there are no current golfing events in the pipeline, we will continue to stay connected with all our clients on future events and initiatives. We will continue to support the Lighthouse Club in their ongoing efforts to make a real difference in the lives of construction workers and their families.

    Off the Golf Course

    Every December, The Lighthouse Club hosts their Annual Charity Event. This year, Mark, Patrick, and John Joe from our team attended their most recent fundraiser. This event provided an opportunity for organisations to come together to support The Lighthouse Charity and connect with those who also operate within the construction industry. Thank you to The Lighthouse Club for having us and we look forward to next years event.