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    We seek to champion the people and companies that make a difference to the industries we operate. Innovation is the key to fostering growth and creating an industry that encourages change for the better needs to be recognised.

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      XYZ Reality Spotlight

      Innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve, especially within the construction Industry. This holds particularly true for XYZ Reality, a company that has not only embraced innovation but has made it their mission to redefine how construction projects are executed. Recently, Cavendish Professionals team members Adrian Duffy, Lorena Mocanu and Thomas Niven had [...]
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      Future Plans: Women in Construction

      The Future of Women into Construction: What Lies Ahead In a recent interview with the founder of Women into Construction, we delved into the future of the organisation and the role it plays in shaping the industry. The founder, a visionary and a role model herself, shared her insights on the importance of visibility, the [...]
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      Challenges and Solutions: Overcoming Challenges to Build a Diverse Industry

      Challenges and Solutions: Overcoming Challenges and Building a Diverse Industry Continuing our Innovation Series with Founder of Women Into Construction, Kath Moore this week we explored the challenges and solutions that she has and in some instances still encounters in the quest to make construction a more inclusive industry. From initial scepticism to a growing [...]
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      Partnership and Collaboration: Building Bridges for Collective Goals

      Partnership and Collaboration: Building Bridges to Diversify To continue our interview series with the beacon of light Kath Moore, founder of Women Into Construction, who is championing change in an industry often resistant to it. In this exclusive interview, Kath shares her insights on the importance of partnerships and collaborations in promoting diversity in construction. [...]
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      Impact and Success: Real Work, Real Impact for Women in Construction

      The Remarkable Impact and Success of the Women into Construction Organisation In the traditionally male-dominated field of construction, breaking through gender barriers has long been a challenge. However, the Women into Construction organisation has emerged as a beacon of change, making strides in empowering women and fostering diversity within the industry. Through ongoing individual success [...]
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      Programs and Initiatives: Empowering Women into the Industry

      Women into Construction Programs and Initiatives: Empowering Women into the Industry In a candid interview with the founder of Women into Construction, the organisation's ongoing commitment to diversifying the construction industry was highlighted. The conversation shed light on the various programs and initiatives designed to break gender stereotypes and pave the way for women in [...]
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      Tech Insights Podcast – The Impact of AI on SAP and Recruitment

      AI has taken the world by storm and will continue to do so in the coming years. SAP, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, recognises the potential of AI and has been actively integrating it into its platform to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. In this months episode of our technology insights [...]
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      Tech Insights Podcast – The Future of IT

      In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the future of IT holds the promise of transformative innovations that will shape the way we live, work, and connect. From the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence to the unprecedented growth of quantum computing, the IT horizon is beeming with possibilities. In our latest technology insights podcast our technology [...]
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      Breaking Ground: The Inspiring Journey of Women into Construction (WIC)

      In the male-dominated realm of construction, Women into Construction (WIC) has emerged as a trailblazing initiative with a mission to revolutionise the industry's workforce. This article delves into the origins of WIC, drawing inspiration from Kath Moore’s (Founder of Women Into Construction) personal experiences and detailing the organisation's overarching mission. The Birth of WIC: A [...]
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      Tech Insights Podcast – Movement from permanent to freelance

      In today’s fast-paced world, the traditional notion of permanent employment is undergoing a remarkable shift. The emergence of contract-based work has reshaped the way we approach careers and job security. Many professionals are now deciding to make the movement from permanent to freelance. In this interview, Software Development Recruiter Michał Linek sat down with Ivan [...]
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      The Tech Horizon: Navigating the Future November 2023

      AI Tech Event We recently hosted our first AI tech event at Techie Space. A meetup place for the tech community based in Krakow, a bustling city and the centre for cutting edge technological advancements. We brought together developers, tech enthusiasts and industry experts to focus on the transformative force of artificial intelligence (AI). Beyond [...]
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      Big Data Event – London

      Big Data Event - London The 20th of September saw Adrian (Head of Technology Recruitment) attend the Big Data London event that brings together technology vendors, consultants, data experts, technical leads and so much more to hear and discuss how to build a dynamic data-driven enterprise. In attendance headlining the event as Keynote Speaker was [...]