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    XYZ Reality Spotlight

    Innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve, especially within the construction Industry. This holds particularly true for XYZ Reality, a company that has not only embraced innovation but has made it their mission to redefine how construction projects are executed. Recently, Cavendish Professionals team members Adrian Duffy, Lorena Mocanu and Thomas Niven had the privilege of visiting XYZ Reality, and what we discovered was what could be described as the future of the construction Industry.

    At the helm of XYZ Reality is David Mitchell, whose background in construction started humbly, as a builder. With a steadfast determination and a vision as grand as the structures he once helped build, David ventured into the realm of architecture. However, what sets David apart is not just his construction expertise, but his innate ability to assemble a team that embodies excellence. Despite lacking a tech background, David’s charisma and foresight led him to curate a team comprising the finest engineers, mechanics, and data analysts in the UK.

    Since its inception, XYZ Reality has undergone a meteoric rise. From a modest team of 40 individuals in 2021, they have burgeoned into a powerhouse of 130 professionals. Such exponential growth necessitated a expansion and relocation of their production facilities from their HQ in Islington to the vibrant city of Reading.

    But what truly sets XYZ Reality apart is their ground breaking product: the next generation headset. Currently at gen 2, with gen 3 on the horizon, these headsets are not just protective gear but technological marvels. Equipped with an array of tools essential for on-site tasks, such as quantity surveying and project management, these headsets transcend conventional headgear. They provide real-time data, enabling construction teams to anticipate challenges, mitigate risks, and streamline operations.

    The impact of XYZ Reality’s VR solutions is profound. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, they empower building projects to calculate time, forecast issues, and pre-empt construction errors. The result? Significant cost savings, efficient project delivery, and enhanced productivity.

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    xyz reality atom headset
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    Despite their unwavering commitment to excellence, XYZ Reality remains aware of the need for accessibility. While they aspire to reduce the cost of their headsets, their primary focus remains on delivering the best technology the market has to offer. This dedication has positioned them as trailblazers in the UK construction industry, where they aim to collaborate with industry giants.

    One of XYZ Reality’s most notable endeavours took place across the Atlantic, in Nebraska, USA. Here, they leveraged holographic technology to revolutionise project delivery. By utilising holograms, they not only defied geographical barriers but also reduced costs significantly. The project deployed the Atom to assist the setting out and installation of struts on a hyperscale data centre project. Before deploying XYZ contractors were setting-out at a rate of 10 struts per day with 4 workers. After deploying XYZ, contractors successfully set-out 50 struts per day with 2 workers. 5 times increase in schedule with half the labour. This project stands as a testament to XYZ Reality’s unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency.

    As XYZ Reality continues to push the boundaries of innovation, one thing is certain: they are not just building structures; they are building the future of construction. With David’s visionary leadership at the helm, backed by a team of exceptional talents, XYZ Reality is poised to leave an indelible mark on the construction industry, one ground breaking innovation at a time.

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    Keep your eyes peeled for our video series that shines a spotlight on XYZ Reality.