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    Partnership and Collaboration: Building Bridges for Collective Goals

    Partnership and Collaboration: Building Bridges to Diversify

    To continue our interview series with the beacon of light Kath Moore, founder of Women Into Construction, who is championing change in an industry often resistant to it. In this exclusive interview, Kath shares her insights on the importance of partnerships and collaborations in promoting diversity in construction.

    Collaborative Work and Diversity

    Kath firmly believes in the power of collaborative work and diversity. “Diversity brings a richness of ideas, experiences, and approaches to problem-solving that is invaluable in any industry, but particularly in construction where innovation is key,” she says.

    Kath has worked with several organizations to promote diversity and support women in the construction industry. One such organisation is the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), a networking group that supports women to stay in the industry.

    She has also been involved with numerous organisations that are also trying to help others find their voice within society. A Working Chance, is an organisation dedicated to helping women ex-offenders reintegrate into society and find meaningful employment. A Fairer Chance, supports both men and women with criminal convictions to help them into employment and break the cycle of reoffending.

    Kath has welcomed clients from both organisations to join Women Into Construction’s projects, providing the practical help needed when trying to navigate employment as an ex-offender. Kath’s work with BPIC (Black Professional in Construction) further underscores her commitment to diversity and inclusion.

    Supporting the Next Generation

    Kath emphasises the importance of reaching out to the younger generation. By going to schools and talk about the opportunities in construction. It’s important to work in as many areas as possible, especially for the advancement of the construction industry. This is crucial for the next generation,” Kath explains.

    She also offers support to youth organisations and has given talks to young people about the opportunities in construction through The Circle Collective.

    Overcoming Lack of Knowledge

    Kath acknowledges that there is a lot of ignorance and lack of knowledge about the construction industry. “Everyone knows what a doctor does, but construction is so broad. If you don’t have a personal connection i.e. family knowledge and/or friends, you don’t tend to look at construction as an option”.

    To address the potential skills gap and make the industry more attractive, more needs to be done to open up opportunities in construction and make the industry more accessible. Construction work is not just working on a building site, there is a lot that happens before the construction build, opening up the opportunities and the variety in these different disciplines within construction is crucial.

    Collaboration for Future Reward

    Kath Moore’s work with Women Into Construction and her collaborations with other organisations are testament to her belief in the power of partnerships and collaborations. Her efforts are not just about supporting individual groups, but about bringing these groups together to make achieving their goals easier and open opportunities that ordinarily wouldn’t be available.

    Through her work, Kath is building bridges in the construction industry, one collaboration at a time. Her story is a powerful reminder that when we work together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse construction industry.