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    The Future of Women into Construction: What Lies Ahead

    In a recent interview with the founder of Women into Construction, we delved into the future of the organisation and the role it plays in shaping the industry. The founder, a visionary and a role model herself, shared her insights on the importance of visibility, the changing attitudes in the industry, and the steps being taken to encourage more women into construction.

    Role Models: Seeing is Believing

    “Role models are really important. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it,” she began, emphasising the power of representation. Women into Construction is actively working to increase the visibility of women in the industry. They are going into schools, bringing women from various construction fields to talk about their experiences and the opportunities available. This initiative is not just about inspiring the next generation of women builders, but also about breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions about the industry. The power of breaking the misconceptions at a young age is important.

    The Impact of Success

    The impact of being successful in this industry is significant. It’s not just about individual achievement, but also about contributing to an industry that shapes our world. Every building, every structure is a testament to the hard work and creativity of those in the construction industry. For women, succeeding in this traditionally male-dominated field sends a powerful message – that they too can build, create, and transform.

    Changing Attitudes: The Positives of Wanting Women in the Industry

    Attitudes within the industry have changed over the years. There’s now a greater recognition of the value women bring to the table. “It’s important to talk about the positives of wanting women in the industry,” the founder explained. Diversity leads to innovation, and having different perspectives can lead to better problem-solving and decision-making.

    The founder also highlighted the importance of having male allies in the industry. “Male allies can play a crucial role in advocating for women, helping to challenge biases and create a more inclusive environment. People that will talk for you when you are not in the room, having male backing in a male-dominated industry can speak volumes.”

    Encouraging Women into Construction

    Women into Construction is taking several steps to encourage more women to join the industry. School visits are a key part of their strategy, providing young girls with exposure to the industry and the potential careers it offers.

    Mentoring schemes are another important initiative. These provide women with guidance and support from those who have walked the path before them. The value of such schemes cannot be overstated – they not only help women navigate the challenges of the industry but also provide them with role models and inspiration.

    “Engagement and outreach is critical for us and will always be a big part of the way we operate.”No organisation, in order to be successful can operate as an island, the buy-in and trust from other organisations is what allows for development and growth. Women Into Construction will continue to reach out and make connections that support her members but also the constant innovation and growth of her beloved construction industry. Women into Construction is raising awareness about the opportunities in the industry and inspiring more women to consider a career in construction.

    The Promising Future

    In conclusion, the future of Women into Construction looks promising. With its focus on visibility, advocacy, and encouragement, the organisation is paving the way for more women to enter and succeed in the construction industry. As the founder so aptly put it, “The future is not just in constructing buildings, but in building a more diverse and inclusive industry.”