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    Programs and Initiatives: Empowering Women into the Industry

    Women into Construction Programs and Initiatives: Empowering Women into the Industry

    In a candid interview with the founder of Women into Construction, the organisation’s ongoing commitment to diversifying the construction industry was highlighted. The conversation shed light on the various programs and initiatives designed to break gender stereotypes and pave the way for women in construction roles.

    Tailoring Programs for Employer Needs

    Founder Kath Moore emphasised the diversity in offerings, stating, “All our programs are very different, depending on the specific needs of the companies involved and what they are offering at the end of the program. Whether it’s steel fixing, shuttering, carpentry, or project management, it all depends on the employer’s requirements.”

    One crucial aspect highlighted was the need to ensure real job opportunities at the end of the programs. The team at Women into Construction is dedicated to establishing connections with employers who are willing to provide employment opportunities for the participants once they complete the programs.

    “Before jobs are even advertised, we need to know that actual positions are waiting for our members. Nothing is done for the sake of it. Our focus is on creating tangible and meaningful opportunities for women in the construction industry,” the founder explained.

    Proactive Outreach and Breaking Stereotypes

    Interestingly, there seems to be a perception among some companies that there may be challenges in getting women interested in certain construction roles, such as steel fixing. However, the founder debunked this misconception, stating, “There isn’t a problem getting women into steel fixing or any other construction discipline. Women are genuinely interested in construction roles. We have a highly engaged community, and we are proactive in reaching out to various communities to generate interest.”

    An example of this is where once a project has been completed, the women have been offered and then gone on to complete apprenticeship programs.

    Kath Moore reiterated that the organisation’s efforts are strategic and purposeful, aiming to create a ripple effect by empowering women and fostering diversity in the construction sector. “Nothing is done arbitrarily. We are driven by the genuine need to provide opportunities and break down barriers in the construction industry,” the founder emphasised.

    Call to Action: Collaboration for Inclusivity

    The interview concluded with a powerful call to action, emphasizing the need to create more opportunities for women in construction. The founder highlighted the importance of collaboration between organizations, employers, and communities to ensure a more inclusive and diverse future for the construction industry.

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