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    Android Developments in 2021

    Over the past 10 years, android has revolutionised the technology industry formulating its own impression within mobile operating systems. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Android app users who leave a 5-star review on Google Play mention the quality of their experience with the app; its speed, design, and usability. Numerous changes have taken place with android in 2021, primarily supported through the improved user experience. Let’s take a look at what developments/changes have been made with this technology.

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    Android Instant Apps

    One of androids newest and exciting features is the ability to run apps instantly, without installation. This technology has been first introduced at Google I/O 2016 and currently, only the latest Android devices starting from 5.0 Lollipop are supporting Instant Apps. This new feature allows you to easily open and use an app feature without any installation, perfect if you are trying to download an app and you have a poor connection.

    There are many benefits for users having access to Instant app, some of these include:

    • Your Android device will have more free storage, instead of being full of various apps, you have used only once.
    • Less traffic required than an entire app as instant app opens like a usual web page.
    • Provided with quick easy access to android apps without downloading the full-size app to the device.

    Developers have seen some changes when it comes to android Instant App, however, it still requires the same APIs and source code and does not need a separate app version to be created. This allows apps to be reached by nearly double, those who use the app directly and those who open the app from web search.

    What are the negatives that comes with this advancement? One major downfall that is linked with Instant app is that users are less engaged with active use and are not interested in new updates.

    Improvement of Android app security

    When it comes to data, we store mass amounts of our personal information on our mobile phones and computers, leaving developers having to find new ways of securing the exchange of this information over WIFI networks, especially with the rise of cyber-attacks and security breaches. Android has certainly upped their app security, implementing stronger encryption of data and constant security updates to preserve privacy in mobile apps.

    Multiplatform Development (Flutter)

    The Future of android app development is Flutter, a new technology from Google. This framework allows app development using a native interface for platforms like iOS and Android. This platform is used by many developers as a tool for building mobile apps because of its combinability and flexibility. Software developers combining this programme into their development process, makes this technology one of the most recent trends in Android app development.

    Some key reasons to choose Flutter include:

    • Native design
    • Easy to learn feature
    • MVP development

    Applications like Reflectly, Alibaba, and Google Ads are developed with Flutter. Each of them have an amazing interface and a perfect set of features.

    Other changes have also taken place with Android. These include chatbots/google assistant, 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    There is no questioning that Android is one of the most demanding mobile OS that has 85% of the market share. Android has more than 3.04 million applications in Google Play Store, ranging from daily tools like calendars, web browsers, social media applications, or complex games, ending with enterprise mobile apps. The variety of possible devices working on Android is constantly growing and we are expecting further new and exciting updates in the coming months.

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