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    Benefits of an Apprenticeship Programme

    The Skills Training UK organisation are at the forefront of trying to increase the popularity of apprenticeship programmes, by going into businesses and promoting the benefits of apprenticeships.

    We looked into the potential rise in apprenticeships schemes may experience, so lets explore how the apprentice can benefit from these programmes

    Earn and learn

    The major draw for any apprenticeship programme is the fact you can earn whilst you learn. The ability to earn a wage whilst still learning your trade or profession.

    Enhancing skills

    Building skills is especially beneficial for any apprentice. Having the ability to gain hands on experience is vital. Many organisations are experiencing a skills gap and apprentices can fill that gap.

    Earning qualifications

    Gaining qualifications, with the various levels of certification you are able to be on an apprenticeship programme and gain GCSE’s right through to level 7 earning a masters degree. Not taking the traditional academia route doesn’t mean you cannot take an alternative route and achieve the same goals.

    Tailored learning

    Benefit from a personalised support system that can continue throughout your entire apprenticeship. As an apprentice you will be assigned an assessor who will be on hand to answer all your queries.

    Employer ready

    Attractive employability as you have the skills that employers are seeking, After your apprenticeship is completed some employers normally tend to take on the apprentice and continue to work for the organisation. However, if this doesn’t happen or you would like to move on you know you can confidently apply to relevant jobs with both the qualification and experience in hand.