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    Delivering global recruitment and onboarding solutions

    After successfully following and completing the tendering process, Cavendish Professionals were appointed as an exclusive recruitment partner to work alongside our client in the recruitment of Healthcare Professionals for a state-of-the-art medical facility committed to providing women and children in Qatar with world-class tertiary healthcare services. They are one of the Gulf’s largest healthcare projects.

    The facility boasts over 400 beds and commits to delivering optimal care for those who need specialist medical expertise.


    Due to the client’s healthcare model, they specifically required healthcare experts from different geographies such as Europe, America, Canada, Australasia, Asia and the GCC.

    Firstly, our client aimed to recruit hundreds of clinical professionals in preparation for the opening of the facility; within an 18- month timeframe.

    Secondly, our client would need to license and mobilise all candidates and family members if applicable according to targeted start dates.


    Our client appointed recruitment partners to facilitate geographical coverage of their target markets and manage the onboarding of candidates.

    In response, Cavendish prepared a detailed recruitment programme in line with project milestones to cover selected geographies, positions and recruitment methods; traditional and innovative.

    Our team utilised their extensive experience including executive search and headhunting to facilitate 22 recruitment events across various locations including Ireland, Canada, the UK and America. This involved interview days with the clients hiring manager’s and recruitment team on site in the respective location. Selection and issuance of offers were completed on the trip, with few exceptions, to streamline the appointment of clinical professionals.

    Campaigns were organised and hosted by Cavendish. This also included the screening and professional verification of candidates selected for interview. In addition, targeted marketing and PR activities supported the campaigns. This included, but not limited to:

    • Print advertising to reach a specific audience via trade magazines and clinical journals.
    • Social Media campaigns across LinkedIn and Facebook, using powerful audience segmentation.
    • SEO/ PPC Campaigns ran simultaneously to cover all target markets to reach the best healthcare professionals in the market.

    Following the successful search and selection of candidates, we were responsible for the onboarding of candidates. This included supporting candidates through the clinical licensing and immigration verification process to facilitate onboarding. The process can take 3+ months to complete so requires a collaborative and close working relationship with all stakeholders, candidates and the recruitment team.


    This successful partnership resulted in the delivery of clinical professionals from the specified target markets, meeting project milestones.

    Through the project, Cavendish Professionals placed 563 Healthcare professionals into one of the Middle East’s largest medical centres.

    This included:


    237 Nurses

    138 Midwives

    141 Allied Health Professionals

    47 Doctors