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    Celebrating Women in Construction – Tracey Heneghan

    Tracey Heneghan – Operations Manager

    To celebrate and support Women In Construction Week, we spoke to some of our clients and candidates to share their experiences of what it is like working in a male-dominated industry; how it has changed over the years, and what could be done further into making the industry more diverse and appealing to other women thinking of entering the industry.

    Tracey Heneghan, an Operations Manager for Capital Sky Ltd provides her thoughts and advice to future colleagues.

    What made you interested in entering a career in the Construction industry?

    I have always had an interest in how things are built and demolished which made me want to enter a career in construction. From a young age seeing skyscrapers and smaller ornate quirky buildings, and the process behind that has always peaked my interest. I think construction was always where I was going to end up.

    What changes have you seen the industry do in order to become more inclusive of women entering the market?

    I have seen throughout the years, that more females are being appointed to what was previously male-dominant positions. These appointments are really changing the way women are portrayed in the workplace now. The ability to see someone like you (being a woman) throughout the different areas in the construction industry really does mean a lot. Representation does matter and carries a lot of weight for other women wanting to enter the industry.

    What advice would you give women entering the industry?

    You are as good as any man! I truly believe that. Working in a diverse industry is important. Every person brings their own unique view, and when you put all those different viewpoints together you can create something great. The industry needs women, so I would say take the step!

    What advice would you give to young female graduates who are keen to enter the industry?

    Research and speak to people in the industry, study hard and you will achieve what you want. Reach out to people and, get to understand the different areas. I think some might not understand the depth of working in the field. There are so many different career options available from project management, logistics, to being a trade specialist or a quantity surveyor.

    What further improvements or changes do you think could be made to encourage women to join the construction industry?

    I think having more females in senior roles and highlighting these roles too. It reflects positively on the company and us women to hear achievements by fellow ladies. I mentioned before, I think it is powerful to see women represented in construction, it allows others to see how you can develop to senior roles. There is no ceiling to your achievements.

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